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  1. Redfacedandraging

    W O W

    W O W

    I am writing this review after 2 and half years of using a tretinoin .025% cream (not stevia brand, but for some reason would not let me review the general brand. But I wanted to leave a review for anyone out there that may be feeling like nothing is helping like I did for a very long time.) For the first year, I applied the tretinoin cream by itself after waiting 30 minutes to dry and my skin was an absolute disaster. However, I have extremely dry, sensitive skin. So one day I decided to apply
  2. Redfacedandraging

    I have redness and pimples

    Hi Chloe, I am 18 years old and can relate to this so much. I have been suffering from acne for a year now, and lately the redness has started to take over my face. I have always had a little pink to my cheeks, but nothing like this red, fire hot, blotchy mess. I wish I could provide an answer for you, but for right now I just want to tell you that you're not alone. I just started the SOOTHE regimen by Rodan and Fields 2 nights ago, if I see any improvement in the few weeks ahead I will let you
  3. Redfacedandraging

    Going on same type of BCP twice?

    Hi, this is very late but how long did it take for TriNessa to clear your skin the first time around?
  4. I'm commenting because I'm wondering the same thing! I've used tretinoin for 6 months to no avail... but am hoping that if I can get on accutane results might come quicker with no terrible IB. I go to the dermatologist tomorrow so I will ask and see.
  5. Redfacedandraging

    All over the face acne

    Thanks so much for the reply! I have not used any of their creams geared towards acne because most of them have either BP or SA in them and I can't use those on my face without getting a pretty nasty rash. But I agree, Neutrogena is the only face wash I can use that doesn't make my face burn. I actually use the Clinique dramatically different moisturizer and an Elta MD sunscreen as well! That's so funny. I have cut out dairy for the most part, sometimes when I get a salad though I do get cheese
  6. Redfacedandraging

    All over the face acne

    Hello all, I have been dealing with acne for about a year now and have no idea what else I should do. It started on my forehead but has progressively begun to spread down to my cheeks and my chin. I have tried a myriad of products which all have not worked at all or just made my acne so much worse. I'm fed up with my skin, and as a freshman in college I feel like I can't even go out and meet people because all that I want to do is hide my gross face. And I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to Benzoyl P
  7. Hey guys, so I recently used a benzoyl peroxide on my face one time and... Well it's not good. I only used it once but here I am a few days later and I am facing a constant burning sensation and idk what to do. My face is really hurting and I just really need some help. Thanks all
  8. Redfacedandraging

    3 months on Tretinoin

    Update: Forehead still has a few active pimples, nothing serious. Mostly suffering from marks left over from acne than the acne itself on my forehead. However, my cheeks have gone downhill again. I'm thinking it has something to do with my hormones because for two weeks my cheeks will be completely clear and then I'll wake up one morning and they will be broken out pretty bad. And after a while they'll just disappear again. It's a never ending cycle, but I'm gonna stick to to the Doxy to hopeful
  9. Redfacedandraging

    3 months on Tretinoin

    Hello everyone! I'm happy to say that my acne has been much better this past week. The doxy seems to prevent too many pimples at a time, but I still have at least 2 or 3 monsters at once. Dealing with lots of pih still but hopefully it'll go away with time. Still not clear but starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel
  10. Redfacedandraging

    3 months on Tretinoin

    Thank you for the input, I will probably try it. Can you get the supplements at any drugstore?
  11. Redfacedandraging

    3 months on Tretinoin

    Thank you for the reply. I have looked into face mapping before, but quite honestly I don't know what would be disrupting my liver. I've never had a sip of alcohol in my life, and I don't eat very unhealthy foods and make sure I have lots of fruits and veggies in my diet. I don't do any drugs and never have.. I'm at a lost cause with my acne.
  12. Redfacedandraging

    3 months on Tretinoin

    Update: Derm put me on Doxycycline 100mg. Has anybody had any success using this and Tretinoin together? What should I expect?
  13. Redfacedandraging

    3 months on Tretinoin

    Hey everybody, yesterday was my 3 month mark on Tretinoin .025% cream. I have only been using the cream and nothing else to help my terrible, terrible forehead acne. However, it has been 3 months and I have seen no significant change. I go to the dermatologist in 2 hours and I'm scared I may break down in front of him. Any suggestions if I should stay on the cream or just add maybe an antibiotic or anything else to help or just stop altogether. Any advice is appreciated. here is my current regi
  14. Redfacedandraging

    Tretinoin switch (.025% to .05%)

    I'm kind of in the same boat, except I've only been using tretinoin .025% for 3 months instead of 6. I'm worried because I'm still getting breakouts that clear up, but not before I breakout yet again. I was debating switching to a higher percentage, I go to the derm on Thursday, but was nervous for the same reason. I hate that we are in this situation but I'm glad we aren't alone.
  15. Redfacedandraging

    12 weeks on retin a

    12 weeks on retin a

    I've been using Retin-A (generic brand tretinoin) for around 12 weeks now. I don't want to sound pessimistic but I don't know what to do anymore. I only really break out right smack dab between my eyes and above my eyebrows, but for the past few months I am still left with pimples and pih left over from pimples that are super stubborn and won't go away. I've become very discouraged because I thought 12 weeks was when I would see improvement, but I haven't. In need of advice and encouragement...