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  1. Hi, I am considering cannular subcision given I have many shallow scars across the cheeks. Would it be better to have the filler done on the same day as the cannula subcision or perhaps after a few weeks? Additionally, what should one expect from healing time for cannula subcision? I have had Nokor subcision in the past that left blood marks and bruises for a month. I have only a week for healing this time around. Thanks
  2. Does anyone know any good doctors in the New York to consult with about acne scarring? Thank you!
  3. bump -- anyone have any other ideas for after care after subcision?
  4. @Sirius Lee Hey super interested in starting to take Serrapeptase and following the regimen you provided. Have you been following this regimen over the past few months? And did you see any results? Let us know. Thanks
  5. Interesting study on Adapalene .3% curing acne scars: [Link removed] **For those of you who have tried Differin .3%, did you see your acne scars improve over time?**
  6. @beautifulambition @Obi wan Why do you recommend Nokor for subcision? Ive seen studies using 21g or 23g hypodermic needles. Is there really that much difference between Nokor and hypodermic needles for subcision?
  7. I finally took the dive and got subcision and researching it for months. It has been two months already and here is what I can say: 1) Almost all my scars are centered on my scars. I have had maybe a 20-30% change so far, hard to tell but there is definite improvement. 2) I formed nodules but have almost completely disappeared by now. Mostly formed because I did suction post-subcision. 3) There is still a bit of redness because of the amount of blood that pooled under skin because of suction
  8. I have been offered these 4 types of fillers for my scars. Which one should I choose? I have mostly tethered scars (do not disappear when skin is stretched). Radiesse Voluma Restylane Juvederm T To my understanding these are all temporary and my scars would go back to looking the way they are now after a few months. Is this correct? If you have any experience with these fillers, please share. Thank you.
  9. Does anyone else have experience with Dr Nelson or other doctors in NYC for scar revision?
  10. After flipping through many pages of this site, it seems to be that subcision is best (at least for tethered scars). I live in NYC. Has anyone found a good subcision doctor in NY they can recommend? Preferably in Brooklyn/Manhattan. Thanks
  11. I have generally heard that fraxel was a rip off and really doesn't help much. I have tried tca peels but those haven't helped either. Retin-a helped with complexion but didn't do anything for scars Has anyone else tried multiple methods to remove scars or found an effective method that has worked for them?
  12. This thread is to help find the most effective methods for healing our scars. To those who have been lucky enough to heal their scars, we would appreciate your input: 1) what method was most effective in healing your scars? 2) what type of scars did you have? 3) what percentage did your scars heal? 4) how long did it take to see results? 5)how long did you have those scars? 6) what methods didn't work for your scars? Bonus: any before and after pictures? Thanks guys this would he