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  1. Hi, I've got less than two months left of my accutane treatment, so I'm wondering how long the drug stays in the system? I'm a singer and dancer, plus I lift weights three times a week. My body feels tired, muscles pull easily, and there's something weird about my voice. How long did it take for your body to restore itself? Jin
  2. My nose has crusts in it and wounds that won't grow. I think it's been like this for more than a month now. What can I do?
  3. My eyes are dry and my vision has decreased on my left eye. My optician confirmed the latter.
  4. DAY 76 - 3rd MONTH No pimples, but I still have clogged pores. Perhaps I need a facial to get everything cleaned out. In addition to my other side effects, my nose has started itching again. It probably started two weeks ago. My nose is dry inside and there are scabs that bleed a little. I think I can taste the blood on some occasions. Really nasty! Will this surpass anytime soon? Also, my eyes start getting dry and red in the middle of the day. Accutane and winter doesn't sound like a good co
  5. DAY 59 / 2. MONTH Wow! Time sure flies. My face is 100% clear of pimples, but I still have clogged pores/whiteheads distributed all over my face. Not many, though. I think I need to switch moisturizer again. My cheeks are dry and I'm getting wrinkles. What bothers me the most is the muscle and joint pains and the constant fatigued feeling. I feel old. Two weeks ago I pulled some muscles when I did a split during one of my dancing classes. Guess what? It still hurts! Also, I don't feel like w
  6. Massage a good conditioner into your scalp after shampooing. Leave it for a minute or two, then rinse. My scalp was hella itchy until I started using a conditioner.
  7. DAY 31 / 5th WEEK Hey! Life is great without oily hair and a shiny face. One month into the cure and no noticeable change since my last post. Looks like I'm breaking out very mildly for now. However, my face is still full of those nasty clogged pores. I bet all the pores are clogged.
  8. DAY 25 / 4th WEEK It's been almost a month now. My IB (hope it is) seems to be rather mild. I have a couple of pimples in my face, but they heal fast. I haven't had any serious ones.. My nose looks awesome! I extracted the blackheads I didn't get 4 days ago, so now my nose is all clear. Everything came out easily, and none of the pores have filled up either. I'm not experiencing any side effects but stiffness in my hip joint. When I dance and try and do splits, it hurts a lot. Also, some of
  9. Well, I hope they don't fill up. DAY 21 / 4th WEEK My nose looks like it got attacked or something. There's a truth to that.. AAAARGH!! I am definitely pissed and short tempered nowadays. Usually I get a good workout just about every single day of the week, but Tuesday and Wednesday (today) I've done nothing. I was so mad today that I had to take my anger out on the trash can in the kitchen, as people started throwing garbage in it without placing a bag in it first. Looks bad.. I feel like
  10. Thanks, dude! I'm checking your log every now and then. DAY 20 / 4th WEEK OMG! I'm such a popper. I killed 5 yesterday and 3 today. Forgive me! I'm not used to having so many zits that can be popped. None of which where situated anywhere visible in my face, though. I seriously need to quit looking in the mirror. All 'em blackheads on my nose..I squeezed them out too, and it looks like I scraped a layer of skin or two off in the process. Ouch! Will these clean pores fill up with gunk again?
  11. Vaseline or petroleum gel stinks! It rubs off too easily. You might as well put pure oil on your lips. I'd recommend Blistex, Carmex or something.
  12. DAY 18 / 3rd WEEK One begger got squashed while showering. Three beggers died under my fingers. Whoops! However, all of these came out very easily and my hair conceals the "accident" sites. No more beggers..for now. Please don't put any of these in the middle of my face.
  13. Thanks for helping, guys! So, when did you stop getting nose bleeds and nasal discharge?
  14. It's probably an infection then. It's a lot better now, but I still get yucky, yellow, and brown stuff when I blow my nose. I'm gonna try and do some vocal exercises today.