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    hahahahah! I expected to come in here like WOAH THIS IS ALL I USE I LOVE IT DON'T YOU!??!? I was so prepared to be like "this is the only moisturizer I use! I was using it before I even heard Ingrid Neilsen used it. Man I love this. Been using it for 4 years now, wow." AND THEN I SEE ALL THIS HATE AND LIKE WOAH WHAT AM I MISSING OUT ON. Ok, so, basically, I feel my whole world is knocked upside down. It's the only product i've never changed...I don't think it ruins my skin
  2. Nice Gentle Cleanser but Nothing Special

    Pretty much said it all in the title. It's not going to do that much for you...but it's not going to hurt you either. I think I would reccommend this more than any Foam cleansers because it has that non-dryng Cetaphil gel texture we all know and love. It also has a very interesting smell thats truly pleasing. I used this cleanser in tandem with a more acne fighting cleanser & it worked well at the time. HOTTAKE: Average....but the best of all the average cleansers out there.

    There should be more reviews on this product. HELLLOOO it's basically all the good parts of Proactive. I use this like once a month maybe once every other month because i've got a good thing going on with my skin BUT It's a gentle way to get that sweet sweet Benzoyl Peroxide. I genuinely love this stuff. & I love it's homie the Clear Pore Mask. But upon some quick Google searches i'm realizing you might only be able to find this Bootleg on Amazon. What a shame. Now i'm definitely holding
  4. Probably My First Soap.

    Nostalgia like woah. I used this when I first started getting acne and honestly as a 10,11,12 year old it was pretty good for my skin. However, I know for a fact it would be way too harsh on my skin now (and by that I mean dry me out). Plus again, salcylic acid is not for every one (because its the worst and has no right to be compared to my one true love benzoyl peroxide). HOTTAKE: if you're younger and looking for something easy and cheap- and your skin agrees with SA then I would
  5. Did Anyone Else Find this Really Drying?

    I found it to be drying. Its one of those cleansers that I thought would work out well for me because i'm a big Aveeno fan but then it was just like...meh. Now,I always thought my acne prone skin was due to OIL and that I needed things marked "clear complexion" or "clear it up" etc. However, I now know that really my skin was just super thirsty so...do I think this product is terrible, no. Do I think it was right for my skin type- definitely not. Would it be helpful for someone with
  6. I Used this in College...& That's Where I left It.

    A great cleanser for your typical late teens & early 20s. Its going to erase the oil that comes with still figuring themselves out hormones. But once that stuff relaxes you're going to have bigger problems and this isn't going to do that trick. HOTTAKE: If you are between 17-20 I say try to reduce some acne. Don't over use or it will get worse. Other than that it's really not the best product out there.
  7. Am I Missing Something?

    I used it. It was ok. It wasn't memorable. It didn't help my skin. It didn't make it worse. But people RAVE about it. So I genuinely think I am missing something here....I will say that I am a HUGE fan of the texture and love that it doesn't dry me out. OK, yeah I mean, basically its a great cleanser for maintaining skin that doesn't need any healing-be it acne or scars or dullness, etc. It's just a typical cleanser for typical skin. HOTTAKE: its average cleanser for average skin. It's not
  8. Forever Young Plays in the Distance

    Honestly, I don't use this product now but I wish I did. Because I used it for literally 10 years and its like a safety blanket for me & reminds me of everything good in the world & my youth. I mean obviously I don't really wish I did because I would use it if I wanted to but what i'm trying to say is that I GENUINELY think this is one of the best products you can buy at CVS for your skin. Its not supposed to be an everyday thing especially if you have sensitive/acne-prone ski
  9. I Don't Give This Enough Credit

    Here's the thing: I really like this product and forget how much I like it. It's extremely tough on dirt but never really dried my skin out I don't think. However, my skin without it looks better than it did with it so I can't truly advocate for it. But let me say this: I think this is a good product worth your money to try out more than a lot of other products you are curious about. I don't think it made my skin any worse, & I know it didn't dry me out, but I definitely know it
  10. Much Like Many a Lover....I Wanted to Believe.

    Oh Proactive. I remember my mom loving Proactive when she was like 30 and I was 9. I should have understood then. I got my first zit in the 5th grade. By 8th grade it was so out of control my loving mother knew something like proactive wouldn't clear up what was happening to my skin so by 14 I was on my first round of accutane. Flash forward to 24 and I have two rounds of accutane behind me and one serious passion for skincare. Around 20 I started breaking out again. I didn't want to do accu
  11. NOPE. BUT...it could have been my fault actually.

    NOPE. I had such high hopes for this product as it was recommended by the queen herself, Kim Kardashian. However, it's always hard for me to remember that a lot of people making recommendations don't have the multiple prescriptions & 2 accutane round sensitive skin that I have. Now, I put this on lightly one night before bed. Woke up the next morning nothing. But I figured don't rush it. I put it on again later in the week, and again later, in varying intervals, but no more than about 3 ti