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  1. 12 days in- skin improvement is unreal! Find i'm still getting 1-2 new zits after shaving, but that's more irritation then anything. Much less oily, and skin is very smooth!
  2. tomorrow is a week, and the results are already noticeable! have been taking the b5 approx. 8g a day, plus one zinc tablet in the morning. I'm starting to be a believer that this stuff really does work like accutane, my skin feels less oily and no new breakouts in the past few days- first time in months that the acne around my mouth is going away!
  3. Do it. I did when I was 16 as well and it was the best decision I ever made. Drank a few times over the course, wasn't a big deal; just don't be crushing your liver every weekend!
  4. i appreciate the response, but im using a flouride free toothpastea and it still doesnt seem to make a difference!!
  5. Hey man, i think the ice/bp combo is probably your best bet. Worst case scenario, you have a developing pustule at the time of your grad photo,and from my experience in grade 12 the photography company always did a bit of photo-shoping to make everyone look perfect anyways!!
  6. So after two unsuccessful attempts with accutane, I have decided to try vitamin b5. My acne is a lot better then it was before, but my skin still feels greasy and I am consistently breaking out around the mouth and upper lip. Im starting out with 5g per day for the next 3 days; should be interesting!
  7. Hey everyone, I've been on accutane twice, and am having a hard time with acne around my mouth for the past couple of months. Its been slowly getting worse, but only at the corners of my mouth and occasionally on my upper lip. Benzoyl peroxide seems to only irritate the problem more. Its really stressing me out and I would love some help. I attached a picture, as usual makes it look better due to lighting!
  8. Hey everyone, I finished my second course of accutane for mild acne last year around this time, and had clear skin until the summer when I started to get breakouts only right below my mouth. From then on, I have recurring clusters (2-3) pustules. The skin around the area is always dry and can burn. I have done alot of reading on this and it seems to be perioral dermatitis; but the question is- what can i do to get rid of it??? I use benzoyl peroxide for spot control and cetaphil moisturizer. cou
  9. Hate to say it but just sitting back and letting accutane do its thing wouldn't be a bad idea either. You'll look back in 6 months and completely forget what it felt like to have acne : )
  10. Yah for sure.. It's unfortunate, but I find mine just go away a ton faster now. I find I get maybe 1-2 per week, depending on how my diet is : )
  11. Just thought I would toss in an update from more that a year later... Skin was awesome all throughout the year, but my recent outdoor job in the sun seems to have picked up the oil production on my face.. Anyways, here is a results picture from a month ago!
  12. Yeah I had just shaved. What should I do after a shave to reduce it? Soak your face with warm water before you shave to soften hair, then lather up your face with sensitive skin shaving gel. Stroke downwards with the grain- try not to go over the same spot twice.. Then moisturize as usual. Changing my shaving routine to this has SAVED my face
  13. I have found the same issue this summer where it's been very hot and humid, skin has gone from great during the spring/winter to awful now! (im also 19).. looking forward to responses lol
  14. Your a prime accutane candidate.. Acne was a memory after 3-4 months. Highly recommended