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  1. i kept getting cysts pretty much up until the end of my 5 month session. i cleared only after i stopped accutane and have been clear for 6 months now. hang in there, this medicine is a godsend
  2. I didn't really start clearing until I was off accutance (5 month course). During that 5 months I doubted accutane because it was taking so long but now I'm a believer! Been off for 3 months, and clear for 3 months! Still have some red marks to deal with, but they sure beat cysts. Another issue I think I had with accutane was hair loss. Near the end of my course, probably starting from about month 4, I noticed my hair line receeding in the corners. I looked online and sure enough, accutane is li
  3. accutane. if it werent for accutane id either be crying right now or dead.
  4. god i know exactly what you guys mean. i dont know how to socialize anymore. i used to, i remember, but once my acne got really bad (still isnt terrific but much better) i shut myself off a lot and lost social skills. damnit to hell. please i hope they come back.
  5. then im done! im ready to get off this drug, it has kept me as clear as anything else but i just got a new cyst yesterday. a little disappointed but overall im happy. damn this cyst thought, it just means like 1-3 months of another red mark. grr!
  6. there is this moisturizer i just recently bought by aveeno called clear complexion daily moisturizer. it has like a light green top to the bottle. it claims to remove blemishes, soften skin, even out skin tone, prevent breakouts... all that good stuff. i can't say whether it works or not because i just bought it, but it sounds promising!
  7. so i had this bump right under my temple. i first noticed it probably a year ago, maybe more and thought it could be a zit. it felt very hard though so i didnt squeeze it. it didnt go away or grow or change color or anything for A WHOLE YEAR so i dismissed it as a small mole. well tonight, i notice a little bit of pus coming out of it. so i was like holy hell, and i squeezed it. pus stringed out of it forever and ever. it was pretty deep. but what the hell. a whole year that has been there and i
  8. I am also very active and on tane. before tane, my first semester here at college i ran cross country, then once the season ended i went on tane. I still exercised regularly and played intramural soccer and raqcetball. I ended up pulling my groin muscle, something ive never done before and it took me out of doing everything short of walking to class for about 1.5 months. careful that you stretch while on tane for sure because healing takes longer i think i read somewhere. as for the sun issue, j
  9. what can i do for the inside of my nose being really really dry. dry boogers aghhh. it hurts a lot. thanks.
  10. I'm beginning to really see some clear skin after 4.5 months on accutane!! but i still feel very self concious. I am fortunate to have made it through with minimal scars or close to none at all but whenever i hang out with groups of people i always find that i am sort of in the back, never front circle leading a conversation or even inputting anything worth consideration. in smaller groups i am perfectly fine, it's easy for me to talk in these situations. this may just be my personality but i us
  11. thanks for your replies guys. my birthday was great, i hung out with all my close friends and didnt think about that at or my acne at all. A great night all around. As much as id like to rip her apart with words, i just don't have that in me. I know how it feels to have that done to me, and if there is one value i want my kids to learn is to never insult someone especially over something they cannot control.
  12. so it's my birthday today and on facebook i have a million msgs saying happy bday. then I get this one from a girl i hardly even know She wrote a poem for mikey: Your face is like swiss cheese, hol(e)y and pale Your eyes are round like 0s that I make on assignments Your accent thick and British when you drink a lot of ale Happy Happy Birthday and I'll see you in hell that first line just destroyed how good i was feeling about my acne. And it's so embarassing that other people are going to rea
  13. Im 20 years old and am on my 5th and last month of accutane. just recently i have also noticed my hairline, just the corners, not the middle, receeding. accutane i think is shown to cause hairloss, both permanent and non permanent, but most of the time it grows back. that is what i read somewhere anyway.