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  1. 1st week Well I survived the week of wearing very minimal makeup and not popping, and I have to say things are looking good right now! It was my time of the month this week, as a result a big spot popped up on my nose which I did squeeze and put a tiny bit of concealer on unfortunately, that was my biggest downfall of the week but I couldn't face school with that on my nose. It went away extremely quickly though and by yesterday it had just turned into a mark on my nose which I don't care abou
  2. I have had no trouble not popping my spots because I know i'll regret straight away however I touch, when I study I run my hands over my chin and scratch and pull but I'm back at school now so I'll be distracted!I'm feeling discouraged as my skin is going crazy,at first everything surfaced then a lot of them disappeared, however now they're back and I have a lot more.:(I've got six white heads and a big old spot coming through on my nose (fantastic). But as I said I'm back at school tomorrow so
  3. I'm Charlie, I have mild to moderate acne on my chin and around my mouth which I assume is due to hormones:(. I have a terrible habit of popping and picking my spots which I know makes them much worse and obviously spreads the bacteria causing more spots. So, I'm going to start the 'no touching acne challenge', I aim to do it for this month and see if it helps and hopefully carry it on after the month is over! My facial routine (in case you were wondering) : .In the morning I just splash my f