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  1. Thanks so much for you input!!! I think I 'll give it a try!
  2. I am ready to give up and throw out all of my acne meds, I have been on various prescriptions for 3 years now and while they have worked somewhat, in a way i feel like they have made my skin worse and don't solve the problem. Of course I have also tried a billion over the counter medication. I have heard of people on this board and in real life having great success with a simple regime of just washing their face with a dove beauty bar, (which is not considered soap) Long time ago , that is wha
  3. Well I just started using Benzaclin about two weeks ago. I have used a differin and duac regime for a long time, which some what helped. I also like many of you have tried a billion products, prescription and non-presciption and nothing had truly worked The benzaclin has cleared up a little bit of my existing acne, but I am almost positive it is giving me [email protected]! I have been getting constant cyst like pimples, which I have never gotten before. I also use differin at night, along with cetaphil