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  1. that's scarring. it won't go away by itself but it could improve overtime. if it's something you want to fix much sooner i recommend going to a dermatologist because there's laser treatments and fillers you can get done there
  2. i used vaseline. every night i put it on before i went to bed. just make sure u keep it moisturizer and avoid irritating it anymore. don't exfoliate or anything like that. mine went away in less than a year
  3. okay so in the same exact spot I keep getting a reoccurring thing happening it will come back for a week and then go away for a few weeks and come back again and again in the same spot last time it happened it started peeling off and i'm super confused i'm not using anything different or new and this has been happening for a few months it goes away 100% and comes back again and it's super bumpy but doesn't itch and the area that's red feels really thick. it was not on my face at all last night a
  4. that's probably some sort of pimple under the skin. just put any kind of pimple cream you have on it. try icing it as well. id wait a couple days and see if it's going down from the ice and the cream. if not you can try a warm compress (not hot, just warm) and try to draw it to a head. you should do that multiple times. it's a pimple under the skin so it's very hard to treat it but do not try to pop it! you will only make a huge mess no trust me i've been there. it should go away within a week o
  5. thanks for the response! but i don't think i pushed it farther because it's completely flat and is almost like a wound now and is super dry. so i'm just putting vaseline on it.
  6. so i had this pimple it was really small but it hurt a lot and it had a white head so i decided to pop it and i'm pretty sure i did but i was icing it and decided to put a hot q tip on it and i did and it hurt so maybe it burnt my skin and is causing a blister? anyone know what this is or what to do about it? it still hurts pretty bad but is mostly flat now. it also has a white center which is where the pimple was that looks blister like
  7. same thing happened to me... did it scar? how long did it take to go away?
  8. so i picked at dry skin that was healing from a pimple i shouldn't have but it was all crusty and gross and i thought by picking it off it would make the spot look better but it made it look worse and bleed now i'm stuck with this hideous thing i know it will heal but does anyone have any tips on what i should do for it? and if it will scar?? it doesn't hurt or anything btw.
  9. okay so recently i have been not really washing my face... my regime has been cleansing my face with micellar water then cleansing it with my favorite toner from neutropena then rubbing BP gel all over my face then moisturizer i have been doing this for awhile and it seems to have just been a lot gentler on my sensitive skin but hasn't seemed to reduce my acne or increase it... i also saw this article on how this lady only uses micellar water too. so i'm just just wondering has anyone done this
  10. thank you for the tips but it's already healed!! xoxo the top picture was infantago that i got by picking on two little pimples but to let it like the second picture i got prescribed this medicine and just put it on there as much as i could and slept with a glob of it on and it healed in about a week so i would suggest going to your doctor and getting medicine prescribed or just use vaseline!! and don't pick at it because i picked at mine once it scabbed up and it only made it worse! good l
  11. okay so let me just start with saying over the past 3 weeks i've had 3 pimples on this exact spot. the first one was absolutely huge biggest one i think i've ever had and i waited until it formed a head and popped it which i know i shouldn't do but i just had to this pimple was way too big and painful so it left a red mark which i was expecting and then i got another pimple a week after close to the same exact spot and popped it and it went away then i noticed a bump forming a few days later and
  12. okay so this isn't really acne related but it is at the same time. I had two pimples on my forehead and decided to try popping them, with my luck (this happens all the time) it turned into a hugeeeeee red spot (the first picture inserted) so my mom took me to the doctor and they said it was something but i forget the name, it was a form of eczema tho so I got medicine and it started to heal and turn into a huge scab and I had something to do and thought it would be easier to just pick the scab o