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  1. yes i agree spiro has been amazing and its only been 7 weeks for me and i cant wait to see what it will be like in a month. i did 3 photodynamic treatments and those didn't help at all. just my opinion
  2. So i saw my derm last thursday and she upped me to 100mg. So we shall see, should i still see changes from 3 months since i started (may 1st) or since my increased dosage? I hope it's since i started and figure it would be but just wanted to ask? Thanks a bunch!
  3. I just wanted to include an update. I'm on 50Mmg of spiro plus yaz so 75mg all together. i'll see my derm on thursday and will ask for an increase in my dosage. Knock on wood but i see a change in that i didnt break out as much this month, but it is only 4.5 weeks on spiro. Keep your fingers crossed please.
  4. Does it matter when you take it (morning or night) and if it should be taken with food? I'm nervous and excited, took my first dose last night!
  5. So i was prescribed 50mg yesterday, so begins the spiro treatment. cross your fingers for me.
  6. adc23

    yaz and spiro

    I'm currently on yaz and plan to ask my dr. for spiro tonight so i hope it works for me!
  7. thanks for your advice, i think i will ask for it. I'll be honest my derm and i have talked about it but she seems to mention how once i stop using it, the acne will come back. Anyways i guess i'm asking what the long term effects are? It sounds great and i think this is the way to go. thanks again.
  8. Well actually my sig hasn't been updated in a while, yes the taz is a cream and i leave it on longer i just can't sleep with it on. It makes me feel greasy. I've tried many times and i do occasionally just not every night. Can i ask you what dosage you are on and any significant side effects for the spiro. I also appreciate your feedback on Neutrogena, thats good to know i will switch to cetaphil. Can you recommend a certain kind so i know what to buy? I will go this weekend. Thanks again.
  9. So a little backround and i've posted here before and in other sections. But i'm 23 and have had acne since the age of 13. I did accutane at 16 and it helped so i just used proactive while in college. When i ended school about 2 years ago i broke out again and as you can see from my sig i'm on meds/topicals. Nothing has helped, even the 3 photodynamic therapy treatments that i did in december and january. I am on yaz and i really think this is hormonal. Week 1 and part of Week 2 my skin i
  10. I know but now its been almost 2 months since the last treatment and i had a horrible breakout yesterday. So now i'm not even sure this worked. I'm so lost about all of this. sucks.
  11. i have gotten breakouts on my cheeks which never used to happen, but overall my chin which was the major issue looks much better. ugh
  12. It's been 29 days since my last treatment. here's my problem, i'm breaking out in places i never have. but overall my skin is better. has anyone seen this happen before? i'm just frustrated, thanks guys!
  13. yes even using all the products in my signature. i mean i just have 3 pimples right now, i know its not horrible, BUT when you pay a ridiculous amount for some light treatments you expect to see results. who knows to be honest. we will see.
  14. Well Friday will be 3 weeks after the 3rd and final treatment. Do i see improvement? Yes but at the same time i'm still breaking out and in places i never have. On my cheeks for starters which is extremely frustrating. Does anyone know if its possible to still see more improvement like if should just wait 4 weeks after the final treatment? I'm at such a loss and i don't even know what to do.
  15. Today i had my third and final treatment. I had the levulan on for 55 minutes this time and was under the light for 8min and 10seconds. Very red and uncomfortable right now, but hopefully within a couple weeks i will see results. From the 1st treatment to this one yes i definitely see a change, but obviously i would like to stop breakouts all together. Anyways i will keep you all updated on anything i notice whether good or bad.