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  1. here are some update photos
  2. @Cleopatra88 So the subcision and filler did lift the scar a little. It has been around 2 months post multiple subcision and filler treatments. The issue with my scar is that the edges are very defined and sharp, so even with subcision you can still clearly see the edges of the scar. If I were you, I would do the subcision and tca cross first, focus on raising the scar, then think about microneedling and laser for texture. You are in good hands with dr. Rullan. He's one of the best.
  3. I recently saw Rullan to do some phenol cross on my ice pick scars, and he wasn’t sure what to do with that boxcar scar. He did not want to tax cross the boxcar. I had aggressive microneedling combined with subcision. He wanted to see how I responded before I did anything else. I don’t think it will do much. I understand he offers a two day phenol peel/abrasion technique. Not sure if it’s just easier to get it excised first, and then laser/peel.
  4. I am not sure what to do with this boxcar scar. I have had fraxel repair, microneedling, and subcision, fillers done for it. I am either looking into excision, or a very aggresive localised phenol peel, or ablative co2 laser. I would just want to treat this one scar. What are your thoughts? The edges are very sharp and therefore don't respond well to subcision and filler.
  5. seanc_225

    ice pick and boxscar scars

    I would like to fix my mild ice pick and boxscar scars
  6. seanc_225

    acne scars

    I have 1 huge rolling scar, as well as shallow ice pick and boxcar acne scars.