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  1. how about the fact that the pills cost $400+ (just for 1 month) without the proper health insurance?
  2. are you talking about the rash that grows on your body? I've had it the worst...mostly on my arms and back... i would scratch it, and my skin would come off as i do... way i treat it is i hydrate it...usually with body lotion. the itch sort of comes and goes tho, i had it worst on month 2 or 3, i'm on month 5 now, and I hardly feel the itch anymore.
  3. there's a 8 steps system posted under "red marks" section, one with 73 pages or something. works great for me in terms of getting rid of red marks.
  4. Day 23 I have rash developing on my hands and arms, they look quite nasty. 2 tiny little flesh bumps turned into regular size pimples. woke up today without feeling any knee pain though, time to run!
  5. varisha: ya, scarring is a serious problem for me as well, along with the damn red marks. I guess i'm lucky tho, to have yet experience any real initial breakouts. Goodluck on the rest of your treatment! Day 19 One thing i've failed to mention before is the frustrating knee pain and lower back pain. I've been having them on and off since I started accutane, sometimes the knee pain is bad enough to be apparent for an observer. (slight limping etc.) Haven't had any big breakouts in few
  6. glad your skin is doing well , you're almost done! and ya, red marks do look worse throughout the day, so i try to apply whatever I can apply on my face and just relax in the afternoon if i can... since that's when our face produces the most oil...
  7. Day 18 This morning i had my first nose bleed since I'm on accutane. It might've been caused by the fact that I ran 3k last night and didn't have any water to drink for about 20 minutes afterwards. Also had a final yesterday, lots of stress, very little consumption of liquid. No breakouts today, but red marks look so bad.
  8. goodluck eric, hope accutane be the answer for ya!
  9. Background Got done with final today woohoo! Been wanting to start this log but never got a chance because of the stupid finals.... Guess I'll start by giving my acne background. Basically my dad had severe acne when he was in highschool and it pretty much persisted through his 20s. (Come to think of it, my dad must've been quite a player, because my mom is very beautiful ) I've developed severe acne my freshman year of highschool. I've tried antibiotics and all kinds of external medici
  10. fub


    an album, doh
  11. When i was a senior in high school, my acne somehow calmed down, almost to a hault. my red marks were as bad as yours, if not worse. I didn't take accutane, just antibiotics, and acne just stopped happening. This was maybe the end of junior year, beggining of senior year. By the end of my senior year, red marks were insignificant. Take a look of my pictures if you want, my skin was so good i look back on it now i can't believe it's me. I do believe red marks will fade with time, given that yo
  12. I take my pills with a large JAck-in-the-box Oreo shake, good stuff
  13. this is JUST what i'm experiencing. im on day 14, and i have little bumps all on my chin area... i also have some cyst like bumps on my neck area.... does THIS count as IB?!? cuz i'm really scared.. i'm going to cali and i dont want to look like a a bubbly marshmellow face if you and i are talking about the same thing....I think some of them can grow into big swollen ones but some of them do just come out of your skin without much damage... I still can't tell if this is my IB or not
  14. good to hear, for someone who has yet to see real results, like myself
  15. i'm on day 13 treatment, 40mg/day i've only gotten like 2 or 3 swollen ones since i started which is about the same as before i started accutane. but i do get these very tiny white ones all over, and they're really hard to see. I'm wondering also, if this is an initial breakout thing....