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    Took Accutane (Generic product) in the years 2007/2008
    Suffering from long term side effects after accutane
    Still looking for a solution for a completely recovery!

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  1. I had also tested l-dopa for about one year ago. It was the plant mucuna pruriens which contains 25% l-dopa. I had an incredible energy boost on the second day, but the positive effects have gradually subsided after 5 days. In my opinion this capsules are very useful for special events but no for a daily use.
  2. No, my heavy sweating starts extremely on my feets, hands and armpits. It always comes together with hot flushes. Have you ever asked yourself why do you have a deficiency of Vitamin d and bio-active copper?
  3. I give now an update of my situation. I’ve started for 3 weeks to go a new pathway for a recovery. It seems that SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) is the main cause for all my symptoms although I don’t have typical side effects like vomiting, nausea and diarrhea for Sibo. I’ve stopped taking copper and dhea. Some people posted here that Sibo is just a secondary symptom, but I don’t share this opinion. For me are adrenal dysfunction, IBS and hormone imbalance the
  4. Here was big discussion in the last few pages which supplements are helpful or worthless. I was really busy in the last time but I should have more time now to look in deeper in our problems. I’m following the cure of tryingtohelp2014 but I also admit the healing of annoyy. Hormon Balance Stack: I’m still using these supplements below: - 5000mg taurine (generally improvement, helps to fall in asleep, less irritated, more relaxed) - 2mg copper (improves the brain f
  5. I've achieved now almost 80% recovery of accutane damage. It's getting better :-) The amounts of supplements and foods that I've tried is incredible long!!! The most of them were only a waste of money. I'm currently using this supplements below. Hormon Balance Stack: - 5000mg Taurine - 5000iu Vitamin D3 (10 drops) - 400mg Magnesium - 2mg Copper I've replaced 7-Keto DHEA with copper for 2 days. 7-Keto DHEA was the best supplement against heavy sweating that i've ever tried. I hope coppe
  6. You must do a test first. It's a risk to take these supplements without any tests!! They are also 2 completely different ways to cure our symptoms. Copper, taurine, vitamin d gives our body the right balance when you have some deficiencies. Are you deficient in vitamin d3? You need vitamin d3! Are you deficient in copper? You need copper! Black walnuts + Wormwood are for parasites / candida. You have parasites or candida overgrowth? You should take suitable supplements!
  7. !!This link below demonstrate a BIG EVIDENCE for inflammatory bowel disease!! http://www.fiercepharma.com/regulatory/roche-scores-accutane-victory-reversal-of-25m-verdict Roche scores Accutane victory with reversal of $25M verdict by Emily Wasserman | Aug 12, 2015 9:49am Roche ($RHHBY) has been on a legal roller coaster with its acne drug Accutane. Facing thousands of claims that the drug triggers inflammatory bowel disease, the S
  8. I have been tested today in a research laboratory in Switzerland to parasites and bacteria. Result: Massive candida overgrowth and parasite infestation!!! I know that many of us have positive effects with copper, taurine, vitamin d, magnesium, DHEA, .... My vitamin d level was also tested very low with 13 (Normal range 30-100) Should I take these supplements for the rest of my life? That can’t be the solution! @ tryingtohelp2014 I really appreciate your investigation a
  9. Here is a text and a short video from a accutane victim: Cannabis Oil Cures - Accutane Recovery - GoFundMe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOd3vgUMtWo 60 grams of RSO(Rick Simpson Oil)(Cannabis Oil) over the course of 30 days to cure. http://phoenixtears.ca/dosage-information/ Please help me obtain the medicine I desperately need to return to a normal life. I am suffering from a wide variety of health problems such as having a varicocele, neurological/psychological disorders, possible
  10. I can you understand. You have tried so many supplements and you had so many tests....all for nothing!!! I did absolutely the same. A new gastric intestinal specialist will check now my intestinal flora....I hope i get a positive result for intestinal yeast infection. The candida fungus can remain the whole life into our bodies without proper treatment. Accutane has likely wiped out all good bacterias. This is maybe the main issue for candida overgrowth.
  11. I'm going to start a new parasite killer supplement in a few days. I've just ordered a similar product to HUMAWORM in the internet. Unfortunately, I hadn't any success with coconut oil and grapefruit seed extract....it's likely too weak to kill the parasites. It's now time to bring the long-term damage of this horrible drug to the final end!!! I'm convinced that everyone can recover from the accutane damage. The biggest problem is that all the doctors have absolutely no idea what is wrong i
  12. Wow, that's very interesting! Nobody would expect that we could have a candida overgrowth. Some people had a successfull treatment with cannabis oil or liver flushes if we look a bit back in this thread. Your treatment with your supplements have maybe more or less the same effect. Everybody can easily check themselfs if they suffering on candida with a look on their tongue (white covered surface) and with a saliva test in a glass.
  13. How Vitamin D3 works: Almost everyone accutane victim has a vitamin D3 deficiency. I'm going to check my blood tomorrow....i will post my results soon. I hope I can also check my DHEA.
  14. Have you ever checked your neurotransmitters ? (sertonin, norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine) Especially DOPAMINE is very important for ED issues!!
  15. Hello together, I’m from Switzerland and this is my first post in this forum. I’ve discovered accidentally this thread while I was searching for informations in the internet. Sorry for my English, it is not mother tongue. Unfortunately, it doesn't have such a good thread like this here in a German forum. I had my accutane treatment for over 10 years ago but I’m still suffering on the long term side effects of this horrible drug!!! These are my side effects after taking these p