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  1. I've had success with using silicone scar sheets and gel to flatten very slightly raised scars. (For a facial scar, I would think the gel would be preferrable.) It takes a lot of patience, but both the sheets and gel really are effective if you are consistent -- religious, even -- about applying it every day and night for three+ months. Several brands of gel (Dermatix, Kelo-cote) are readily available in the UK, and while a tube of the stuff can be pretty pricey, you'll probably be able to mak
  2. I've had similar scarring on my chest, so I feel your pain. It's definitely a confidence killer and something that I wouldn't wish on anybody. Fortunately, I've had success with a few different treatments. First, I suggest you talk to a dermatologist about getting steroid injections in the keloids/hypertrophic scars -- that should help to level and lighten them, as well as reduce any itchiness. I began receiving injections about 2 years ago and my keloids are now mostly skin-colored and flat