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  1. Do you have a picture? Don't try to pop it, trust me on that lol. If it's HUGE you can try to get a derm appointment for a cortisone shot. The only spot treatment that has worked on me is the blemish touch stick by Desert Essence. You can get it on Amazon and it's cheap! Btw, happy early birthday. If it's not gone by then, have a few drinks and you won't even be worrying about it anymore
  2. Ok, I'm going to level with you. You do not have bad acne. You have very very very mild acne(judging by this photo), when my skin was severe I had literally 100's of cysts on any given day. I never took any pictures of myself when it was bad, so you'll just have to trust me. When my skin cleared after my first round of Accutane I actually began to obsess about my acne MORE. This was because my self-esteem was very low at that point in my life, and I was a very damaged person. I think you may be
  3. How do you curb your sugar cravings? I get terrible cravings around my period, but otherwise I'm not a sweets person. The problem is sugar is my number one trigger for cysts, and those who get them know how long they last ;(. I know fruit is a better alternative, but if I eat too much fruit in a day, I STILL break out. Any tips?? Men feel free to answer too!!
  4. First of all, you are so brave. It doesn't matter that you slipped a couple times and wore makeup. It takes a lot of guts for you to not wear foundation or at least concealer for even an hour out in public. Secondly, I have tried this in the past and yes, it does work. But, I've also found(as you've touched upon), that diet is important to healing as well. I think this regimen works because most skin products out there further irritate our skin and hinder our natural healing process(especially "
  5. Are you trying the routine I suggested to you? It takes a few weeks, but it works. I've also added Zinc and fish oil pills which help a lot too. I've attached a before pic of my acne so you can see the difference.
  6. I understand the need/desire of finding a mate, but just be patient and she will come. I wasn't even looking for a relationship when my husband came into my life, it was honestly fate. Try to take this time to work on your own happiness. Trust me, not all women out there are superficial.
  7. That is so immature of her. I don't know if this helps, but I've found having acne/having had acne weeds out the people who are not good for you. I understand trust issues, it took me quite a while to get over mine.
  8. 1.5, I don't really see any active acne. It mainly appears to be scarring.
  9. You can keep the soap, but I'd ditch the scrubs. If you really want to exfoliate, I'd recommend a Konjac sponge. It exfoliates gently and it won't aggravate your acne.
  10. Lol, no why would I be? I mean, I'm married now so I obviously wouldn't pursue it. I've dated guys that those around me considered "ugly" and I've also dated guys who are considered "attractive." I go for personality, because like I said looks fade and eventually everyone becomes old, wrinkly, and less attractive.
  11. Trust me when I tell you that you wouldn't have thought that 10 years ago. I was called ugly almost every day(especially by men). As far as therapy goes, what's holding you back? If you are unsure about where to go you can just google "therapy" in your city, or you can ask your local hospital, they should know. Have you ever been before? You will be nervous the first time, but once you start going regularly, I promise you will feel much better about things. Now, in reference to your appearance:
  12. You post breaks my heart. It makes me sad that you think so poorly about yourself, because I've been there and I know what that feels like. I personally know several gorgeous women that are dating men with pretty bad acne. The right woman will not care if you have acne or not. I'm a woman that has suffered horrendous acne in the past, and my husband(who is quite handsome), never cared, and always made me feel beautiful when I was at my lowest. Your soul mate is out there, trust me! Side note: ha
  13. Yes! I've been married for 4 years to the most amazing man. He is hands-down the best person I know. He actually proposed to me when my acne came back with a vengeance after my first dose of Accutane. I had recently started Accutane again when we started dating, and the second time was much harder on me. When he flew me out to see his family and friends for the first time, my skin was terrible. I was covered in acne, and my face was peeling horribly from the Accutane. I remember he took me to lu
  14. I agree with you completely. I will say though, as a kid I found it really comforting to know that Cameron Diaz had acne. I remember some tabloid took a picture of her without make-up once. She had a lot of acne scars and active spots. It was encouraging hearing her talk about her acne problems because it gave me hope as a teenager. I honestly thought she was so beautiful, and I've never seen acne as a deciding factor in beauty. I just wish more celebrities who have had skin issues would talk op
  15. I was a vegan for a while(had to switch back to vegetarian recently because of health reasons), but I read a very interesting article that explained that people who have acne, and ESPECIALLY vegans/vegetarians with acne are typically zinc deficient. Zinc is a trace mineral, but it's very effective at killing acne bacteria, reducing inflammation, and controlling hormones. It also is a strong antioxidant. Here are some additional signs you may be zinc deficient: -Dry Skin -Frequent Hangnails
  16. Just because an moisturizer is oil-free, doesn't mean it's free from chemicals that could aggravate acne. I recommend Toogga's Desert Date Oil. It's amazing stuff. It is anti-microbial, and very effective at reducing inflammation.
  17. I was on it twice, and I grew to a normal height. The first time was 15, and the second time was 19.
  18. You have very mild acne, how old are you?
  19. Yes, but I use a very gentle method. I use a Konjac sponge. It is made from the Konjac Plant, and it is 100% natural. It actually cleanses your skin too, and gently exfoliates.
  20. Oh, so so so many to remember. I've honestly blocked most of them out of my memory. Of course I've had many random people walk up to me and recommend something for my acne which was obviously embarrassing. Several family members have commented, including my cousin who I hate. He's seriously such a bastard. One day he pointed at my face and said"Ewwww!!! Look at all your acne haha!!" I almost lost it. I was also called ugly daily throughout all of middle school while people threw things at me. A
  21. In my opinion, your acne is mild. I can't say if your acne will improve naturally with age or not. What products have you tried? Try not to get too down, my skin used to be BAD, and it's clear now(I'm 24 now). I attached a picture of when I considered my skin to be moderate(It got much more severe than this, but I never took pictures of it). Hopefully my before picture gives you some hope. :)
  22. Here's my routine: Drink green tea at least 3x a day(Matcha green tea is the best)Avoid artificial sugar, and dairy as much as possible, Weekly face mask, I recommend fig and yarrow's clay maskWash with a gentle cleanser, I recommend the ju ju bar by Drunk Elephant or a Konjac sponge(they are around $7-$8)Tone with alcohol-free witch hazel, I recommend Thayer's. You can also make a toner out of green tea and water, and put it in a spritzer bottle. Moisturize with date oil(excellent for acne, in
  23. You're welcome. Make sure you apply it to your blemish(es) several times a day(that's what the directions say too), it doesn't dry out the skin around the pimple so don't worry, it shouldn't dry out your skin even though you are applying it a lot. It actually reduced pimples overnight for me and stopped a few that were about to form in a day :)