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  1. I was friends with a guy in high school who had horrific acne and his girlfriend at the time was a total babe. She was hands down the prettiest girl in school. Yeah, it may be the exception but this just shows anything is possible; don't give up.
  2. Ok, first of all it will more than likely be ok. When I was on Accutane there were several times I was without medication. The hospital that did my labs ALWAYS forgot to send them over to my dermatologist in time, and since I am a woman, I was not allowed to get a refill until my labs were cleared. It did not impact my progress at all. Accutane(2 rounds) did not work for me long term, but I did get completely clear while on it, and stayed clear for years after each course. The reason Accutane do
  3. Haha, yeah, I "helped" my husband with all of his college essays.
  4. Maybe you are having a reaction to the copper?? Excess copper in the body can cause acne. You may have already had high levels of copper in your system(are you a vegetarian?) and that extra amount from the IUD could have been the catalyst. Or perhaps your body recognizes the IUD as a foreign object and is trying to eliminate it, this could cause stress to your body and inflammation. That is the only other thing I can think of. I've never heard of this happening before to someone who hasn't been
  5. If you mean Accutane, then no. I was on it twice and I don't recall any hair loss. I have very thick hair though. If you are experiencing hair loss, you should consult your dermatologist.
  6. I'm glad to hear that your skin is doing better. Have you ever considered writing essays for college students? I know it sounds strange, but it is legal and it pays good money. My sister-in-law used to do this. She suggested it to me because I have Epilepsy. There are several organizations that you can sign up with, just google it. Essentially, you submit a sample of your writing style(this is your interview), and if the service likes it, you got the job. You pick and choose how often you want t
  7. Well, I don't think the copper IUD can CAUSE acne as it does not contain hormones, but it's not impossible. Were you on the Pill before this? If so, you are likely experiencing breakouts because certain pills(Yaz, Yasmin etc), can regulate your hormones and diminish breakouts, now that you are on a birth control method that does not regulate your hormones, it would make sense that your breakouts have increased. Of course, this theory doesn't apply to you if you weren't taking a BC pill prior to
  8. Yes, exactly. The authors make it very clear that diet won't solve everything. I do agree that supplementation can be very personal. For example, the authors make the case that omega-3s are great for inflammatory related conditions, but I know some people break out when they consume too much omega-3s. Overall, I like that the book is practical. I'm sure we've all read books or articles where the author touts that their approach will work for 99.999 percent of the population, but that is BS. We a
  9. You're welcome. I can't post links here, but it is on Amazon. It is the "Clear Skin Vitamin Pack" by Innate Skin.
  10. Hey everyone. I'm approximately 2 weeks into my Spiro regime(50 mg), so it's update time. I do "think' my skin is improving but I'm not sure if I can attribute that to Spiro as of now. I have just finished one month of the clear skin vitamin pack by Innate Skin, and I think that has been helping me more than anything else. I don't see a substantial difference, but there is improvement regardless. My skin is very up and down right now, which is disheartening. My skin will appear to be clearing up
  11. I think your concept is valid, and innovative. You should go for it.
  12. Is this a concoction you have made yourself, or is there a specific product that is formulated of those two ingredients? I'm really happy to hear you have found something that is working for you! How long have you been using it?
  13. Yes! There are many components that need to be taken into consideration in order to achieve homeostasis. The focus on diet isn't as restrictive as you would think. In fact, most of the "diet" is more about adding good foods and supplements. The only foods they suggest to limit are saturated fats, trans fats, excessive omega-6 fatty acids, dietary sugar, and non-fermented dairy.
  14. Have you tried evening primrose oil? It has a similar effect on your hormones compared to Spiro, but you can buy it otc(it's a supplement). I would also suggest you purchase some organic MATCHA green tea. It is the most potent form of green tea and it has been proven to regulate hormones. You can purchase both products through Amazon. I'm currently taking the clear skin vitamin pack which contains many vitamins(including evening primrose oil) that are effective in regulating acne. Feel free to p
  15. Yes! The thyroid was my favorite gland that we learned about in school. It's relationship with the pituitary gland is quite remarkable. Since the pituitary gland is the "master gland" of the body it is responsible for several mechanisms in the endocrine system. That book sounds really interesting.
  16. It covers everything you have mentioned, in addition to how to regulate our hormones, the effect of stress on our skin, and inflammation in great detail with practical solutions. The prevailing theme, however, is how truly misinformed most of the medical community is(especially dermatologists). It examines the outdated studies that lead to the myth that diet has no role acne(which dermatologists still take as fact). The way the studies were conducted was abhorrent to say the least. It explains h
  17. I posted this for those who still have acne (despite countless treatments), and are interested in learning about the link between acne and diet. This book makes no promises that the methodologies taught will completely clear you up. The author's emphasize that diet plays a key role in an acne patient's treatment plan, but for some it may not be enough. People with severe acne will likely need a multi-pronged approach, but diet should be part of that approach. You obviously agree with me in regar
  18. Stop editing lmao(I'm just as bad), Give me a second to read it.
  19. Hold on, I just read your edit, give me a chance to respond lol. I'm not saying that ALL acne is due to a genetic disposition. I'm saying that SOME people are predisposed to it and that there are reasons for that disposition. "The paper from 1971 on the eskimos is a good example of what I mean. It was only when a modern diet was really introduced to them - with refined sugar, etc - that the rates of acne and diabetes increased dramatically. To me, that doesn't seem like a prior generation
  20. "We know that diet can increase one's risk for diabetes. Why couldn't the same be true for acne? So if we're looking at it that way... could diet be a “cure”? Depends on how you look at it. Yes in the sense that perhaps it could prevent the risk for diabetes. But will it cure a diabetic after they become that way? Not necessarily." You reference "cure" quite a bit, so that is why I addressed it. I'm happy to hear that you understand the different types of Diabetes, but from the statements you ma
  21. You make some good points, however the author's never claim that diet is a cure-all. If you read the book, you would have known that. That being said, the authors certainly make the case that diet(this includes vitamin supplementation) can significantly improve acne. Combine an adequate diet with a good skincare regime and many people can expect clear skin. The two components work synergistically. I'm glad you mentioned Diabetes. While what you have stated has merit in regards to Type I Diabete
  22. I'll look into that, thank you! Do you find it helps clear acne up as well? Or is it just a good moisturizer?
  23. Hey everyone! I implore everyone still struggling with acne to check out the e-book, "The Clear Skin Diet." I bought mine through the Kindle App(go on Amazon if you don't have the kindle app)and I am currently reading it now. I am only a few chapters in and my eyes have already been completely opened. It is 10 bucks and, trust me, it's worth it. So far, I have learned that dermatologists are rarely taught about clinical nutrition(so how can they tell us that acne is not related to diet)?! Presen
  24. I still struggle with major depression, and I became a full-blown alcoholic by 13 so I'm not perfect. My skin stresses me out but it's not nearly as bad as it used to be, and my acne pales in comparison to the other shit I've been through so it's easier for me to be optimistic when it comes to that. I try to put things in perspective, but trust me, I'm not always positive about things.
  25. That's not weird at all, it's human nature to gravitate to those who share similar experiences. My husband has perfect skin, he had a great upbringing, he was never bullied, and he is healthy; we are opposite in all these ways. I feel like he truly doesn't understand what I'm going through sometimes. It's not his fault, he's just not experienced the same things that I have. I became instant best friends with a girl I met through school because we both had abusive childhoods. It's nice when you d