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  1. Actually rethinking that last bit, that they're basically giving away 7.5% more potency for no extra cost, so it seems like the BP is the cheaper part of the product. Must be this magic filler is what actually causes the improvements! </kidding!!!!>
  2. Again, not a chemistry major here, but I understand the basic principles of dilution. If I mix 1ml of 10%BP with 3ml of filler (what is that extra 'stuff' in BP gel anyways?) then the result would be a solution containing 2.5% BP. I'm just skeptical that this filler really provides anything extra that a cheap moisturizer would not. BP is not acidic or basic, it's an oxidizer, and if we throw some simple math out: 1. 4ml of bp at 2.5% concentration results in 0.1ml of pure bp hitting your fa
  3. I'd understand that, if 4ml of 10% bp and 4ml of 2.5% were being compared side by side.. the thing is, all that is really being advocated here is the use of more filler (the stuff in bp that is not actually active) which is really nothing. Spreading 10% 1/4 as thick as 2.5% would result in the same amount of bp reaching your skin. If the filler has some sort of medical benefit, then it seems like it would make sense to take a tube os 10% and mix it with whatever ingrediant is used as the filler
  4. Now I'm not a chemistry major, but there is some flawed logic going on here. On one hand the regimen states that using less BP is better (2.5% vs 10%) then it turns around and says to use more bp (generous amounts of 2.5%) Now, call me crazy, but 4ml of 2.5% bp is no different than 1ml of 10% bp mixed with 3ml of aqua based moisturizer. If someone can explain to me how using 4ml of 2.5% bp is better than using 1ml of 10% bp mixed with 3ml of filler, I'm all ears. Thanks in advance -Jared