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  1. Read the comments section of this blog: https://www.healthextremist.com/how-i-got-vitamin-a-toxicity/ there are over 600 comments talking about people who avoided vitamin A for 1+ years and they got their health back. 1 or 2 of the people mentioned Accutane. Only about 2 people in the comments section were not able to recover
  2. All, I took Accutane in 2010 for about 6 months. I was 25 years old. I had mild side effects during the treatment. About 3 years later, in 2013 I started having bone problems. My doctor did an MRI and said I had osteopenia in my bones. I knew it was caused by the Accutane I took in 2010, but I did not know how to fix it. I tried the suggestions here but none of them worked. Two years ago in 2016, I started getting new health problems such as digestive problems and eventually brain fog and depr
  3. I took 40mg once a day last year for a few months. It cleared me up, but 6months later the acne came back. My total dosage was 100mg/kg on my first round. I see the recommended amount is 120-150mg/kg. I heard over 150mg/kg there is no benefit. Should I stop at 150mg/kg or keep going?
  4. I am a 170lb male and I started accutane 2.5months ago. I have had good weeks and bad. But currently I haven't had a new pimple in 2 weeks. My triglycerides started at 60. Month1: 80mg Month2: 40mg (210 triglycerides) Month3: 40mg (500 triglycerides so the doctor made me stop accutane for 2 weeks and they dropped to 62) I will be on vacation for 3months and I am leaving after I get my Month4 dosage. I don't think the country i'm going to will have accutane. It looks like I will only be able t
  5. should people be using L-glutamine in addition to colostrum to help heal the gut?
  6. if you read all brenton's posts he says that after he got completely clear he eventually got lazy and he stopped eating a strict diet and his face broke out again. i know lots of people that do massive drinking and never break out. brenton used probiotics to get clear, it's in his first post. what denise said in her first post is that colostrum "heals the intestines so that leaky gut is eliminated." I would assume a gut would heal itself if candida is removed and give enough time? what if
  7. the white specks in my stool do not look like eggs or parasites or rice. and I don't think they're rice because I haven't had rice in a while and I have a BM every day. i think it could be candida yeast because it looks like small chunks of this: or small chunks of this: it kind of looks like colostrum if it were not digested. how come people like Brenton do a "perfect" diet for months, clear up completely, amazing looking skin. then the acne comes back if they break the diet once? bre
  8. nobody else has white spots in their stool? I never noticed it before, and it's in every stool now. i don't think they're parasites. I think it may be candida (yeast). I started colostrum 3 weeks ago. I'm going to keep doing colostrum and other antifungals until I stop seeing white specks in my stools. if that happens then I think my candida will be mostly gone and I can focus on healing. I think that people do anti-candida diets that decease the food source of candida, but you also have to ki
  9. i've been on symbiotics colostrum for 4 days now. I am taking about 10g per day. day 2 I had diarrhea which I never get ever. it seems to me like colostrum could get rid of the bad stuff (bacteria, yeast, candida etc) and heal the gut/intestines then the body could handle itself for a while. i'm no expert but it makes sense to me that if you fully heal the GI tract then it should work well without colostrum atleast for a few months until you damage it again with bad foods.
  10. i am not sure if this test is reliable or not. i guess I will find out in a couple months. the test you're talking about is a skin prick test which measures instant reactions. IgG measures delayed reactions and may be better for acne related issues. the first card I did, i didn't realize how important it was to bleed through the card. so they mailed me another test kit. this time I bled as much as possible. I used both the needle pricks and my fingers stopped bleeding before I could fill all 5
  11. I paid $250 and did it through Forrest health online. but they just mail your stuff to US Biotek Lab. so any company similar should get the same results. It's a blood test where you prick your finger and bleed onto paper and mail it to them.
  12. I'm a 24 year old male and I've had persistent moderate acne for 10-12years. I took an allergy test to see if it could help me remove foods from my diet. I am not sure if the test is accurate, but starting today I will try to avoid the foods it recommends. The test shows i'm highly reactive to cow's milk, egg white, garlic, rye, spelt, wheat, gluten, whey, yogurt moderately reactive to barley, casein, cottage cheese, egg yolk, mozzarella cheese. I will try to avoid these foods for a month
  13. I have a red tint in the middle of my face. I'm pretty sure it's just blood flowing there, possibly inflammation. It goes away sometimes, so it's not a rash. I want an even tone, pale skin. most of my pimples form in the same spots also. Just around the middle of my face, around the mouth. nothing on the cheeks. so I think they're related this is the best way I can show an example. this is a young david beckham. the skin in the middle of his face is red while his cheeks and sides of his face a
  14. how long would it take someone to clear up if they followed your bulking diet strictly? would that be enough variety in your diet to follow it everyday for weeks?