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  1. Well, if you say so, maybe when I have started working, I might try Clinique. Each time I passed by the outlet, I would think to myself. Is that brand good?
  2. Spicychicken, I have to admit it's hard at 1st to not wear makeup but I know I have to. I was using Body Shop's liquid foundation.. that was the worst. I get 1 or 2 cystic acne once every 2 days. Then I tried L'oreal's air wear foundation... not good too. I also tried Quickstick L'oreal 3-in-1 makeup...Good coverage but hard to get it off.. Now I know that my face isn't suitable for makeup use.
  3. Hei everyone, If you are thinking that the regimen isn't working as how you want it to be, DON'T GIVE UP, continue on... It's true, different people react differently to BP. I use neutrogen on the spot BP and am still using it now. I had the worst break out of my life at 20 years old. My acne didn't come all at once but started from mild acne and when I started to put BP, then it happened. All my visible blemishes turned into big cystic acne with puss. Some were even joined together to form t
  4. The good thing about this post I realized is that most of you really believe in God.... It's good to have faith in him...
  5. Despite being patient, I would still want to get my revenge verbally.... I hate it when people think that its alright to be really direct when pointing to us about our acne.. Its like as if we don't know we have lots of acne already... The 1st person whom I would like to VERBALLy get my revenge with is my mother... She actually said that MY ACNE IS GOD'S PUNISHMENT FOR ME.... She likes it whenever I wore makeup and looked flawless and attractive but when I broke out, she was very mean to me...
  6. I am really wondering how many of you would revenge?
  7. Hei Tacey, Your story is just like mine...I never had a problem with acne until foundations......*sigh* BUt whenever I see people using makeup, I freakout myself for I fear for them....
  8. I am still looking for a job now that I have graduated. However, the thought of the employers interviewing me and look at my red spots(not scars) made me don't even want to venture out to look for a job. I keep on giving excuses.... I know myself that I am confident. I don't shy away from people when talking but what if the employers take it as a sign of a lack of self-esteem and confidence? I hate to be misjudged like that... ~~ This is a good topic ~~
  9. Oh thebluhope, I am on Dan's regimen.My face improved a lot although the initial breakout made the people around me uncomfortable and thought that it would be the end of a clear face for me.
  10. I don't know whether I have acne-prone skin or not. I don't get pimples until I started using makeup. So, most probably it's the makeup that's causing the pimples.. However, my pimples haven't stopped forming ever since. Blemishes turning into zits evry now and then. Do you think it's possible that my face is getting rid of all the dirt I've accumulated by using makeup over the years?? I started makeup when I was 18 years old...now I am 20...
  11. I was a slave to makeup once. BUt at some point of time, I find that makeup is needed when going to certain places.But no matter what, I stilll refuse to makeup... My defination of makeup is putting on foundation, concealers(which i used to last time). Now I only use eyebrow pencil and a little bit of baby powder. BUt baby powder.... what do you expect?? By noon, my face is oily already. I have to use some oil blotting paper.
  12. And somtimes when you think it's not such a big deal(when your acne claers), the people will think that it's A BIG DEAL. They are just assholes....
  13. I'm on Dan's regimen too and I am almost clear except for small blemishes forming which will eventually become inflamed. I can't seemed to stop the blemishes from forming eventhough night after night I have been putting the BP on the affected area. However, the blemishes will still be inflamed after some time. I am using SA too but I don't seemed to be impressed by its effectiveness. I use Neutrogena's clear pore gel(with SA).
  14. I use aloe vera gel which comes in a bottle. It comes in a soft gel, have to break it up and then apply it to the face. But it can also be consumed. For me, I experience instant smoothness on my face. It really does a good job in moisturising. However, it is very oily. I only apply it at home on certain days when I don't go out. I leave it on from morning to evening. After washing your face, all you can feel is smooth skin. It is supposed to have healing properties too. I am still experimentin
  15. I am depressed too..I don't have any interest in anything lately. I am supposed to find a job but I don't feel like working. I guessed someone,whom has destroyed my confidence in matter of minutes,have resulted in me being like this.And the worst thing is whenever I feel like shit, I will start worrying about my red marks again and again...