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  1. Hi there. I've made several attempts to purchase items in the store today unsuccessfully. I keep getting an error message saying "trouble with my connection, check your email to see if the transaction has gone through". I checked my email, nothing. My credit card shows no activity. I used two different cards without success. My internet connection is working just fine. Anyone else having this issue? Edit: Strange, it seems to be a Firefox issue. Maybe a plugin I have installed or something. I
  2. Fantastic to hear! I started my course of 80 mg per day a week ago. I'm hoping this will be my silver bullet.
  3. Do you live in a region that is now in winter temperatures? I ask because I'm experiencing similar problems with the regimen. Since the environment is very dry and lacks humidity, my skin is losing moisture fast. Therefore, more dead skin = clogged pores. Sadly the BP only exacerbates the problem. I've been using the BP+AHA and it does wonders for healing the skin and destroying pimples. However, the BP may inadvertently cause pimples through dry skin.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree. Gentle yet effective is the key. My dermatologist kept giving me topical after topical. All they did was irritate my skin and make things worse. They were too strong. I felt betrayed by their lack of understanding and care. Pushing me out the door with a prescription doomed to failure. This wasn't their face to bear upon the world. Dan's regimen saved my skin. I haven't been this clear since my early teens. When my dermatologist complimented me on my improve
  5. I work 12 hour shifts three times a week. So I usually go 13-14 hours between my applications. My work days have not hindered my success. I've had terrific results.
  6. I've also heard the same things as you. That's why I was a little hesitant in trying it. However, I got this colon cleanse with milk thistle and dandelion root anyway. So far so good. I've been using it on and off for about 2 and half weeks now. Figured it wouldn't hurt to at least try something new. However, I was clear before starting it and am currently clear. Also, I'm using BP, retinoid and an antibiotic.
  7. Currently, Catherine Wheel - Black Metallic My skin is like metallic. It has to be.
  8. Interesting conjectures, thanks for sharing your research. It makes sense and interest me to do my own experimentation. I seem to fall into some of the categories that disrupt natural melatonin cycle. Unfortunately, there is very little I can do about my 12 hour work days. I could eat lunch outside.
  9. She is probably jealous of you. You are likely more pretty than her. Bully's often pick apart others they see as a threat. They'll select some minute thing such as acne and try and bring you down. The best defense would be to not act like it bothers you. As if her opinion of you even matters. Pffft, who cares. Act EVEN happier and more joyful. Go join more clubs and strive for excellence. You only lose when you let other people's opinion control your life.
  10. Sad to say I used to not look at my face in full when it was really bad last Feb. I would focus on sections of the face, bit by bit. I would get depressed when I seen my full appearance. Now after using the DK regimen I'm basically clear and have no trouble peeking at mirrors.
  11. It sucks that she would be that abrasive on the issue. Like everyone else has said, only you know your skin best. I have a mother who is so supportive that she acts like I don't have any acne at all. Sometimes that is irritating. Yet, I also realize there are much more important things about me than just my spots.
  12. I too had a similar issue about a month ago. It was really red and irritated. I think it was my fault because I smeared some on my neck a few times when focusing on my chin line. I remember wanting to itch my neck like crazy!
  13. What browser are you using? I had a similar issue with Firefox after a power failure. My computer was shut off unexpectedly and my cookie file became corrupt. http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/cannot...+in+to+websites (See "Remove corrupt cookies file" @ bottom of page)
  14. You want to go to the movie. Just go, don't think about it. I know, easier said then done. But believe me, I've missed out on things because of my acne. I ended up irritating friends and just alienating myself. Be happy, have fun. You aren't defined by your spots.