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  1. i agree with everything stevo said, and just want to reinforce the point- START GRADUALLY WITH THE GEL. the first time i used the gel, i put on the same amount of gel that i would on-the-spot. i got a little breakout around my mouth and my cheeks got very flaky. the stuff is strong. since then, ive cut back on the amount i use, and my overall skin complexion has really improved. its 10 times easier to apply than the neutrogena shit, and doesnt ball up when combined with a moisturizer. i hi
  2. do your pimples keep reoccuring in the same place, IE your nose? or do they appear on different parts of your face. BP is a pain in the morning, I would suggest maybe some SA instead.
  3. i think if you want to use a gentle cleanser in the morning, something like cetaphil, to just help you remove the dry BP you should be fine. Not all of the BP is absorbed into your pores, and the stuff on the surface of your skin in the morning isnt really doing anything to help fight the acne.
  4. i actually bought some of that a few months ago, and used it for a few weeks. it evened out my skin tone a little, but i got new pimples much more frequently. maybe ill try it again and see what happens. thanks for the tip, lug
  5. yes, everyone has pores. some people's pores are just larger than other's.
  6. Hey Everyone, Dan's regimen has kept me clear for a solid year now, and worked where prescriptions and other things would not. i get the occasional pimple, but usually just one at a time, and they go away quickly. however, my skin complexion as a whole frustrates me. there are times when i have smooth skin, with even color, tone, and moisture, and there are times when its dull, blotchy, red spots, rough, etc. it seems to vary every few weeks or so. i cant seem to figure out what caus
  7. i completely agree. i think acne formation comes from people worrying about their complexion. when i came home with from college for xmas, i had near-perfect skin, but i have these really powerful flourescent lights in my bathroom, and so i see every little imperfection on my face, and i start to obsess over it. within a few days my skin starts to get red spots and new zits, and i'm sure its all from the stress. so i decided to start putting the hall light on and leaving the really powerful f
  8. hey nightkid, it took about 5 months for me to have nothing other than redmarks left on my face, and i would still get the occasional pimple (who doesnt), but i wouldnt break out with multiple pimples at a time as i did before. the last month took awhile, i had great improvement in the first 3-4 months as it seems like you did, and then the last month took awhile. i was dumping tons of BP on my face, like a tube and half a week before i was finally totally clear. i've backed off on the BP ove
  9. nightkid- the red marks i refer to are ones that form under my skin without ever having any kind of whitehead on top. in the past, they have faded slowly over time. the hot towel method brings them to the surface and kills them quickly, leaving little or no redmark. as for redmarks from previous white/blackheads, ive found that the hot towel method helps make them a little less conspicuous by evening out your skin tone, but does not really fade them any faster. try Salicylic Acid for that. Ne
  10. I've suffered from acne for about a year now, ever since my freshman year of college. after about 4 months of dan's regimen, i was 95% clear, but instead of truly breaking out, i would get red spots under my skin, which would last anywhere from a few days to a month before fading. i found that SA helped a great deal in fading them, but i could never really stop new ones from forming. ive been using the hot towel method for the last few days now, and its done wonders. i do it at night in plac
  11. ice it for 15 mins then put a dab of BP on top of it if the swelling goes down. if the swelling doesnt go down, i dont know what to tell you. hope that helps, lug
  12. dawizzyjizzy- i used to have the exact same problem you are talking about, after about 3-4 months on the regimen i was clear, and i would go 2-3 weeks with great skin, and then get a little breakout and have to go 1-2 weeks with a bad complexion. at that point i was using strictly BP in my regimen, which i think is crucial in the early stages of the regimen. however, once i was clear, i added neutrogena multi-vitamin acne treatment into my regimen in the morning. theres a lot about it
  13. definitely wash your hands before applying anything to your face. wash with something gentle that rinses clean, so that you arent adding any soap residue to your face when you apply BP/Moisturizer. lug
  14. sorry, it is. dont believe everything you read lug
  15. i wouldnt.. high concentrations of sugar can make some people break out, and sugar will dehydrate you, partially defeating the purpose of the lemon/water mix. try diluting your lemon to water ratio a little bit if the taste is getting to you. i drink it ice cold which helps it go down, but some people say its better for your skin to drink it warm..your call. lug