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  1. Welcome, All I can say is that the regimen will work, no doubt about it. I just get lazy and can't be consistent with it so I get breakouts but I recently just started full time with it 4 days ago. The only problem I have are Irritation after shaving/washing and dryness so you can expect that its normal. Your skin will get used to the routine If you stick to it strictly like Dan say's. Good luck, this is the only thing that works for me and when I do it right I don't get a blemish for months.
  2. I do wash my face off at the end of the shower, I get a nice lather worked up and turn up the temp to really, really hot so it steams up the shower. I lather up my face and let the steam and hot air circulate a bit for a minute or two ( I stand back from the water cause it will burn me) then I get out (turn the water to luke warm) and shave in front of a mirror, get back in, rinse off my face with cool/lukewarm shower water pat dry and then wait ten minutes. I ever since I have been using the
  3. I decided to go back to the regimen after being on and off and very inconsistent with my routine. My acne is nowhere near as bad as it used to be a few years ago but I am sick of breaking out still. I shave, with cetaphil gentle cleansing bar lather in a hot shower once a day. Wait 10 mins and appy ALOT of Dan's BP cream slowly but lightly rubbing it in. Then Moisturize a bit later. My problems are: -Can't get enough lather from bar of soap to fully cover my face in thick, soapy lather. -Afte
  4. I use the Cetaphil gentle cleansing bar, and works okay I guess... but I have problems getting a nice, thick lather to shave with. I usually have to shave alot of areas of my face with little, or no lather on it which is kinda irritating especially after 2-3 days of stubble. Any ideas on how to make the lather, more thick? like shaving cream, to help my shave become more smooth? thx.
  5. I saw, as much as most of you probably have seen on tv the new gillette Mach 3 electromagnetic razor which lifts facial hair before cutting it with a pulse and leaving a really close shave. I was going to buy one, do you think it will make the regimen more effective if you get a closer shave? Looks like a great shaving razor.
  6. I dont use clindoxyl anymore, just On the Spot, and I am mostly clear except for red marks, but my breakouts have stopped significantly even though I quit antibiotics a month ago.
  7. A.M. Spray some warm water onto my face Lather the Cetaphil Bar and apply the lather all over my face lightly rinse, with warm water and then pat dry. Wait 15 mins, Wash hands Apply Clindoxyl Gel (one fingers worth on each side of my face) wait 10 mins, and apply one fingers worth of Neutrogena Oil free Moisture. P.M. Get in the shower with warmer water, splash face couple times Lather Cetaphil bar up, apply the lather to my face Shave with Sensor excel razor
  8. Last time I use the regimen I never moisturized all that often, this was a mistake, but this time around I will do it all the time. I just want to know if moisturizing twice a day is needed? I know once a day is needed at least but at night (which is when I shave and shower) my skin is kinda tight and dried a bit after the night BP application. So would moisturizing night, and day be beneficial? if I feel that my skin is a bit overdry and too tight?
  9. Ok, I'll use the clindoxyl until I get the new gel Dan is making. I used Solugel for a long time when I was on the regimen a year ago or so. I use ALOT of it so it took a long time to rub in, and it is very watery. It stinks which is why I disliked it but it wasnt very drying which was good.
  10. Its the alcohol, and Mino, I have recently been getting bad effects from mixing them, so I am stopping drinking untill I ween off the antibiotics. They stop working anyway, and I am going to have to go off them eventually so might as well make it now, right?
  11. I can't find the On The Spot anywhere in Canada, and Solugel is ver, very messy, and stinks. I have one bottle of the Neutrogena On The Spot from last time I tried the regimen, and now I want to come off antibiotics so I need to use the regimen to help with the breakouts. I hope this gel Dans making will be available soon, then I'll use that but in the meantime I don't know what BP to use, I live in Canada. I was wondering is using Clindoxyl Gel will be ok? (BP 10%, Clindamyacin 5%) its
  12. I don't want to take Mino anymore, even though it works to keep inflammation and infection down I don't think it is very healthy to be on antibiotics for too long, I have been on it for almost a year and when I drink it makes me dizzy, and black out so I am stopping this drug. I am going to use the regimen now and I should have been for a while because it did work pretty good for me when I did, now my acne is less aggressive ( I hope ) and the regimen will be enough to stop breakouts. I ju
  13. I get mild acne, now that I am on Minocycline, but I cannot get my face 100% clear, I always have some red marks that really frustrate me. like in the pics: I barely breakout here, but this is a recent breakout a week ago with a HUGE zit, but the Minocin killed it in 2 days. I always have trouble in this area, always at least one spots exists here and I can never completely clear this up. Same cheek, don't know how to make this the same as the left cheek. My regimen: