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  1. I think its indentation and it caused because I was exposure to the sun. There is a way I can fix it?
  2. I know it will look pretty funny but I have a dot on my nose, and it's very annoying its look like a piece of skin at my nose is missing look at the picture. How could I cure it and what treatment I should use?
  3. it's looks like i have some hole in my skin thier is a treatment for this ?
  4. So after few months of changing diet and use of the regimen + AHA I got my skin cleared but I should stop the regimen now ?
  5. hey everyone i have some stain on my noise and cheek i dont know if its actually a scar look at pics how i can cure them? it's look like holes in my face
  6. hey thanks for info but what is wrong with foods im eating now I mean i can eat Eggs ,tuna ,honey ,white rice? i100%peanut butter?
  7. hey everyone so im trying eliminate my acne and pimples on skin and I want start by cutting of some of my foods because im using cleanser and medication but still im getting some pimpels but i dont get what i need to cut off and what i should eat instead of it . so here is my diet plan during day morning tuna,eggs,cucumber,tomato,coffee Lunch - chicken breast with honey on it and some white rice , sesame,cucumber,tomato Dinner - agian some fish like tuna and eggs,cucumber and tomato