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  1. El4cure

    Week One

    Alright so I skipped a few days because of college midterms, but my skin has improved soooooo much. I have been using garlic and my MB drying lotion for active breakouts. I have about 3 active pimples but they're going away day by day and hopefully won't be accompanied by more. I broke out most where my skin was overly dry and peeling. My 2 stress pimples I got, that I popped have gone flat completely and the one on my cheek has maybe one day left to completely heal. I went to the beach a couple
  2. El4cure

    Day Two: Skincare

    Day Two of my skincare routine: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (morning and night) Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid toner (morning and night) Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (morning and night, depending on daytime schedule) I love this gentle skin cleanser guys. if you've ever tried high-end cleansing milks, this is highly comparable. So as an update from yesterday, my skin is feeling so much less tight and the peeling seems to be almost gone completely (after a whole week). I washe
  3. El4cure

    Day One: Skincare

    Hey! Thank you so much for the helpful tip! I use straight Aloe Vera plant on sunburns all the time but I find that it makes my face itchy a bit:( I was just rummaging through my medicine cabinet one day as my face and neck were BONE DRY, and I happened to come across Vaseline. It definitely helped but it's very thick and annoying to keep on your skin for long periods of time. Now, about a week later, my skin is finishing its peeling and we're going back to normal! I'd love to hear any other pro
  4. El4cure

    Day One: Skincare

    Skincare changes began tonight: 7/9/2016 I quit panoxyl 10% and my persa-gel 10 (although it's a great spot treatment, it's too irritating). I used vaseline on my face and neck to help bring in moisture due to cracked and excessively dry, flaky skin from benzoyl peroxide. I washed that off with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (a holy grail product) I currently will be using 3 products for the next 2 weeks. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (morning and night)
  5. El4cure

    Day One: Realization

    Day One: Realization Hello and welcome to my blog, I hope you can enjoy these posts and I bring a sense of happiness to your day!:) Firstly I am 18, a recent high school graduate and about to finish my 2-year degree in business. I obviously have experiences with stress - and that's what this first post is going to be all about. Exactly a week ago I went clubbing with my friend for her birthday and some lovely (sarcasm) human being slid my phone out of my pocket and basically stole it. Right t
  6. On and off and back on...

    This is a review for ORTHO CYCLEN (not tri-cyclen). A quick back story/description- I have had mild to moderate acne since around 9th or 10th grade. My older brother had insanely severe cystic acne in which he took antibiotics for and that helped him until he got out of puberty and no longer needed them. I always had glowing skin and never thought I'd be bothered with blemishes... ha no I was wrong. I have tried countless home remedies, topical creams leftover from his bout with acne, etc. I got
  7. I have prom coming up do and I fake tan regularly. I used to wash my back with a acne wash but I got too lazy one day and ever since then my skin has been clear on my back and chest - even with fake tanning every week. The key is too exfoliate before your tan so the tan doesn't cling to all the dead skin cells. I really recommend self tanning since it's more customized and you can get your feet and hands better. You won't breakout if you exfoliate and don't aggravate the area. When I got it done