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  1. Yeah, I've never had any problems with tetracycline. That was my one saviour when It came to acne!
  2. Why dont you try taking tetracycline, It always wroked great for me! My body never grew an immunity to it.
  3. Yeah well, unfortunately I have moderate acne. Aloe vera won't do anything for the redness, anti-biotics is the only way!
  4. Yeah, tetracycline is the best for acne, that's the only that is going to keep it from coming back.
  5. Differin only worked for making my pimples fade away, It actually did nothing for the blackheads or the redness like I hoped It would.
  6. Try seeing a dermatologist, anti-biotics are the only way you are going to keep acne from coming back!
  7. SCARS ARE NOT PERMANENT PEOPLE! A simple shallow scar can easily be smoothened out with a simple chemical peel. My cousin had shallow scarring on her face and then she had a chemical peel done, and her face is flawless now!
  8. I hear you on that one, women can be like that sometimes. Fortunately for me not every single girl that I've met was like that. Alot of them will come up to me and talk to me as If I didn't have have any problem skin at all. But the only thing holding me back from getting some of these girls to go out with me is my negative attitude towards my acne problem, It keeps me from smiling and being happy.
  9. I just started using Differin myself, and I have noticed that all of the smaller pimples I had, started to fade away within a day or two. As far as the blemished skin goes, I'm still awaiting results. And you will breakout a little bit when you start using new medications because the medicine is pushing up all the dirt and impurities to the surface of your skin, so It might get a little worse, keep taking it though!
  10. I was on Tetracycline for a while, maybe a year or so and a combination of other topical lotions. It all worked like a charm! After a while my parents stopped taking me to the dermatologist and I ran out of the medication, and BAM! It all came back with a vengeance, really bad!
  11. No offense dutchy "leon" work on your english!
  12. I've had acne for eleven years now, since I was 15. I just turned twenty-six and I haven't seen much of an improvement. In fact it's gotten worse over the years Sometimes It clears up, and then It comes back! I can't take this s*** anymore!