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  1. Posting a picture like that on a site like this is going to a cancer forum and posting a sob story of a non-cancerous mole on your hand. Learn to read the environment. We have no advice for you, you have perfect skin you prick.
  2. I actually read an article posted by a medical professor about how acne actually makes you look younger because of the regeneration of new skin( kind of like an unfortunate deep deep exfoliation). I laughed and thought that it sounded dumb cause I don't think there are any positives to acne other than learning to love yourself. guess it was true ?
  3. jojoba oil is one of the only essential oils I can slather on my skin and not risk a breakout. Interesting to see different results.
  4. isn't the pie or pih club great? Yeah I'm in the same boat. I get PIE/PIH very easily and I used a sunscreen that people are expecting to be recalled because of the 3rd degree burns it produces and Ima wait 2 years before I hit the cosmetic therapy. Lucky it's just one spot on my face, but it's about the size of a dime and is a deep red.
  5. Got something similar myself. Headed to the doc tomorrow, hopefully its not a tumor or something.
  6. From my own experience. I've only ever had acne in my t zone. I started getting pimples in grade 9 and got them regularly in my t zone until I was 20. I'm now 22. I went to the derm when I was 17 because I was too smart for my age. At 17 I already understood that 90% of dermatologists will try to shove something down your throat and on your face for a fix. I also understood how many people were having trouble with topical and oral acne solutions (including but not only accutane). The derm pres
  7. Since you've tried everything I'll suggest things that are usually forgotten about: No masturbation method. There are users here that claim they only get acne when they masturbate. Are you physically fit?And by that I mean are you able to execute the most basic yoga moves? Do you feel pain doing handstands and headstands? I believe highly that knots in our body (the ones massage therapists work out) stop the body from healing,and can shut off organs from lack of oxygen.. I am a massage th
  8. Cetaphil brings a red colour to the edges of my face and nose, it makes me look awful. And Yeah, after I discovered tea tree oil 4 years ago I havent gone back to BP/or Saliyclic acid once.
  9. I would say the opposite. Useless for acne and good for healed lesions and other skin areas.
  10. My best advice. If you're only dealing with PIE or PIH. Ditch the lightening routine. I've come to terms that I will make my acne free skin worse if I start adding new things to change my tone.
  11. oh interesting , you don't have a daily routine ? Im a female but i don't wear make up. My face is super dry from bp, so Im in need of a moisturizer lol If I was using bp I'd definitely be using a moisturizer. I don't need one I spot treat with tea tree oil dilution combo with an essential oil which doesn't leave me dry. My skin gets irritated easily so I don't touch my skin for most of the week.
  12. same. My skin would look like a porcelain dolls if PIE or PIH didn't exist. I get 1 cyst a year and it always lasts 2 months and doesn't heal completely until a 1.5 year cycle of skin shedding. Because my skin isnt as bad as most, people seem to comment on the hyper pigmentation like its a cut or a birth mark because its bright red for the whole couple years. I'm lucky though I know so I don't curse the gods. Ive always wanted clear skin and I feel that my hyper pigmentation is like chasing a ca
  13. I don't have much experience with the cleanser department but I always see people posting topical salicylic acid is better than a wash. Just food for thought sorry I don't have any recommendations as a cleanser. I've heard good success with glycolic wash.
  14. added: I also only clean my face twice a week with a clay mask that I do not let dry and a muslin cloth Apply jojoba oil mixture afterwards. I'm a male who does not wear make-up.
  15. Awesome ! I wish you luck and please keep me posted. Also where didn't oh buy your jojoba oil ? In my city there are like 10 essential oil stores. All from local to organic to international. I got the organic NOW Canada brand.