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  1. Hello, I was wondering if my skincare regimen is okay to use. I have oily skin, and I'm tired of it because it causes pimples. I use the cetaphil dermacontrol oil control foam wash for acne prone skin. Then, I tone my face with some organic apple cider vinegar. Then I apply the neutrogena oil free moisturizer for combination skin. I was wondering if they would work together, even if they're not from the same brand.
  2. thank you so much for replying! Yes you're right, I got the right products now
  3. Well my acne has been reduced. I get less pimples too, but it's not completely gone. My face doesn't feel tight after washing either. I don't remember my skin always being oily. I just turned 15, and back then I didn't really pay attention to my skin. Do you think I would find out my skin type if I stop using products? Oh okay thank you. For how long should I stop treatment to see what my real skin type is though?
  4. Hello. Ive been using an acne medication for some time now. My mom gave me the treatment, I didn't really care about my skin. But now I realized that I should, and I want to know the right things to use. I don't know how my skin type was back then or how it really is, because I'm using products so I don't know if that affects the skin type. My skin doesn't get flaky or dry or irritated or anything. But it gets oily some hours after cleansing. I don't know if my skin is normally oily or the prod
  5. Hello everyone, I would be so thankful if anyone answered to this. I need some light of hope haha. I'm a 15 year old boy, and I really don't know what to do with my face anymore. My problem is, I don't know what acne regimen to use. 5 months ago, I used a benzoyl peroxide acne treatment, but I developed an allergic reaction in like the third month. I cut treatment, and just used a very gentle cleanser, the Neutrogena ultra gentle cleanser creamy formula, and the neutrogena oil free moisturizer f
  6. This time I think it was my fault lol. I was washing and it came off as I was sliding my fingers. I just don't want it to get inflamed or anything and idk what to dooo
  7. So I use a salycilic acne regimen and my pimples are getting dried out, not my skin. The products are skin friendly. When my pimple gets dry, it's usually a pretty big whitehead, with some inflammation around it. After a couple of days, I wash my face, and the head of the zit comes out. It doesn't bleed or anything, it just falls and leaves a little hole in my face. But it's still red and inflamed around it like a normal pimple, but without a whitehead. My question is, should I pop it to make su
  8. Thank you very much. Yes I'll keep that in mind, I'll avoid SA on big whiteheads :)
  9. Hey, I have a concern about my pimples. I don't pop them or touch them very much. I use the Neutrogena oil free acne stress control power-cream wash, moisturize with the neutrogena oil free moisturize sensitive skin, and I use the neutrogena rapid clear acne eliminating spot gel. My skin is also normal to oily. Some of my tiny zits have dissappeared and everything but new ones also appear. The big whiteheads I get, are never popped. But after some days, they dry up, and fall off. But they leave
  10. Thank you guys for the answers! I'll keep it all in mind :)
  11. Thank you! How about moisturizing? Should I use a little less?
  12. Oh okay thanks and I was just wondering if maybe the amount of moisturizer I put is too much. I do it twice a day and only use one pump. Should I maybe reduce the size a little? Oh thank you. Yeah I use an oil free cleanser and it leaves my face feeling nice, not dry or red, just a tiny bit tight. Then I apply the neutrogena oil free moisturizer for sensitive skin, and the tightness goes away. I do this twice a day and only use one pump of moisturizer but my face still ends up a little oily.
  13. So I'm a 15 year old guy and my acne is light. But like almost everyone, I'm terrified that it'll get worse. I want to treat my acne but I don't know what cleanser to use. Which works better for oily skin, cream or non creamy cleansers? Will the cleanser eliminate the oil for the rest of the day? Can over moisturizing cause more acne, even if it's not pore-clogging? I would appreciate any answers.