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  1. If anyone came to this thread because of any of the products I listed above, I want you to know what has finally worked for me and my super oily skin! And it was none of those products, especially once the heat and high humidity started setting in where I live. Before and after pictures are here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/357853-21-years-with-acne/#comment-3518508 ...if you don't want to read through my boo hoos in that thread, here is my current regimen: i take 20 drops 2
  2. Thanks again to everyone for the kind words and suggestions. I was in a bad spot when I originally posted almost 5 months ago and it was nice to have encouragement. I logged in today to compare my original picture with how I look now and there's been a huge improvement! i ditched everything I was doing when I originally posted because I wasn't seeing improvement. I tried other things before this regimen, but my oily skin just seemed to create buildup and breakouts, especially at the time o
  3. This works on my skin...

    This works on my skin, which is very oily and acne prone, but it's so greasy feeling on my face. I've recently switched to a similar product, with the same amount of sulfur, but without the Polyethylene Glycol, or the greasiness, called San Marcos 10% sulfur ointment. It works just as well as this, de la Cruz brand, but the other 90% of the product is made with natural, plant based ingredients, instead of PEG.
  4. My skin likes sulfur

    Sulfur treatments don't seem to have many reviews, like the more common, bp and salicylic acid, but they should. For me, Sulfur exfoliates, fades hyperpigmentation way sooner than any other treatment I tried (and I've tried all of them), dries up acne and it significantly shrinks cystic bumps quicker than anything else. My acne responds to sulfur treatments. I used a different brand of sulfur ointment (de la cruz) for 5 years and it worked great, but the ointment was very greasy and felt like
  5. After making this timeline and realizing i actually used the de la Cruz sulfur ointment for 5 years, I decided that product should be something to definitely try again again. But, this time, when I dug out a tub of it, I may have figured out the reason why it stopped working, or why I didn't think it worked at certain times while using it, during the 5 year spread!!! ...I opened the old tub and around the rim of the lid, the sulfur had turned pink, like it was some sort of fungus you see in a
  6. I know how you feel about not wanting to leave the house and I'm sorry you're suffering. Good luck on your treatment and good vibes to you!
  7. I've seen white tattoos, but never heard of this... How intriguing! If I ever get clear, if like to look into this, for my pock marks
  8. Edit: read the last post if you want to see what has finally worked for me! Link for pictures too. After being in very low spirits about my skin, I researched the Internet for what seems like half the day yesterday. While reading over a post on acne.org, labeled, "The bad list", I realized the natural organic crap I've been using as a face wash, contained 2 comedogenic ingredients, at the top of the ingredients list. smh. What was I thinking?! Instead of sulking, I tried really hard to
  9. Ugh, I just figured out Dr. Bronner's Castile soap is on the bad list of acne washes. I thought it was doing me good, since it doesn't have detergents in it...
  10. I am happy to report that I've been sticking to washing with Castile soap, using an ACV toner, taking Ceylon cinnamon supplements after big meals and using a raw honey mask, but I also added calamine lotion to the mix, with good results. After I rinse off the honey, I smear calamine all over my face and go to bed. In the morning, I wake up, wash, then use a thin layer of calamine under light makeup. If I have time, I do the honey mask before the calamine in the morning. The calamine seems to be
  11. Thank you for your reply and for the input about accutane! The next time I go see my doctor, I'm going to talk about accutane again. i am tired of suffering and I believe my husband and I are done having kids, so lately I've been leaning more towards accutane. I keep weighing the pros and cons though... I know 2 people who are on their 2nd round of accutane because their 1st round only worked for a few years, so I'm scared of that happening to me. Another thing stopping me is the cost, but l
  12. I'm 34 and I've been suffering with acne for 21 years! It gets better and worse in cycles. Normally, I have maybe a week of "okay" skin, not counting my hyperpigmentation pockmarks and constant blackheads, then the rest of the month, it's at least 2 cystic bumps, along with 2-5 whiteheads a day. I hate looking in the mirror and I cake on the makeup when I have to face the world. It's gotten real old. When i get depressed about my acne, or when I'm researching a new, "miracle", I always end u