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  1. perkie

    Help - Hormonal Acne

    Hey I am in a similar situation as you. I'm 26 years old and I've been on BCP for the past 8 years and have cleared my hormonal acne. Like you, I'm planning on getting pregnant in the next couple years so I'm trying to do as much research as I can so I can prevent breaking out when I get off it. So far I've found that diet has a lot to do with the hormones that cause acne so I'm going to make a huge change in my diet/lifestyle! The biggest ones are to cut sugar and dairy so I'm going to start th
  2. perkie

    Need advice

    I can relate to you because I felt the same way when I was your age. I could never look someone in the eye because I was so self conscious about my acne. Do you know what triggers your acne or the cause of it? What kind of acne do you have and where? If you can try to figure out what causes it, it may be easier to find a treatment.
  3. Hey all! Wow... So I can't believe I'm back on this site 10 years after I signed up. Back in 2006 when the Acne.org Regimen didn't even exist. Crazy! Well, I'm 26 years old now and sad to say I'm still not finished with this whole acne thing. Shortly after I joined in 2006, I found a treatment that worked for me - birth control pills. It was obvious that my acne was hormonal (I had the painful cystic kind around my chin/mouth area) so BCP was the perfect solution for my skin. I have been cl
  4. perkie

    How I naturally cured by hormonal cystic acne

    I watched your video, thank you so much for the info. I have struggled with hormonal acne as well but it cleared up when I regulated my hormones by going on BCP. Unfortunately I'll have to go off the pill in the near future when I decide to get pregnant. I will definitely cut dairy out of my diet but was wondering if eggs counted as dairy too? What about Fage Greek yogurt? I appreciate you time, thank you
  5. Hey! I've been on BCP for over 2 years and I love it !!!!!..... until last month when I had to switch!!! I started off with Ocella--- this is the generic for Yasmin. That means it has the same active ingredients, but may have some different inactive ingredients...basically a cheap version of Yasmin. it worked great on my skin & i was relatively clear. I was on it until last month, then Ocella came out with its own generic-- Zarah. now I am on my 2nd pack of this new Zarah and I hate it!!!!
  6. perkie


    why don't you try a different pill? doesn't have to be dianette
  7. Hi girls, anyone just switch to Zarah??? I've been on Ocella for 2+ years (the generic for Yasmin) and it was great for my skin, but this month the pharmacy gave me Zarah because this is the new generic. Now I am starting to break out again! I'm going to wait it out for at least a month and see what happens, but this is so frustrating! Anyone else have the same problem?
  8. thanks for the reply, i agree you have been on this site for so long..i remember seeing you on here back in 2006-7!!
  9. hi all, i got my first cortisone shot today on a cystic pimple. i am going to a concert tonight and am wondering if it will be ok to wear foundation (i usually do) or not to...... well, if not today can i wear makeup tomorrow? thanks in advance
  10. so.. i haven't been here in a while. went on birth control and that controlled my acne but i still get the annoying annual "cyst" on my nose. it's soft and when i press on it i can see that there is white underneath the skin, i'm assuming this is pus... well I want it to hurry and come to a head and pop on its own but im afraid how long that will take :/ i'm definitely not going to force anything or poke a needle like i did last time.... well does anyone know how long it might take for this to f
  11. hi everyone i need help... ive been on ocella (the generic for yasmin) for almost a year now. i had a health insurance plan that covered a lot of the cost so i only paid about $5/pack. but my family switched to a new plan that does not cover prescriptions... unless is end in a claim form which would take a long time to get my reimbursement and it sounds like such a hassle for me. anyone know how much it would cost without insurance???? THANKS in advance.
  12. perkie

    My Birth control log!!

    hey all i am on my 7th pack or so....i lost count, anyway i am breaking out right now but i think it is because last weekend i was travelling and that total messes with my skin + lack of sleep!!! and ive been getting like pustules on my moustache area which is hormonal right? I'll post back in a few~
  13. perkie

    My Birth control log!!

    hey guys i am on my 6th pack i think... havent posted in a while.. my skin is looking okay, i still have acne of course i wear tons of makeup but its a lot better than before i started bc..
  14. perkie

    My Birth control log!!

    so i am getting pustules and i dont know why. it is probably from being on placebo week, and im not too worried, i just want this to clear up. its not too bad. i have one right between my eyebrows (great) and little ones on my nose, moustache area and one on my chin. all in the t-zone. rest of face is clear
  15. perkie

    My Birth control log!!

    im on my 4th month placebo week and i think im breaking out on my t zone im getting pustules on my moustache area which i havent gotten in a while, and i have a lot of little bumps on my forehead. but the rest of my face is quite clear :] oh and i switched makeup to almay as of today