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  1. attitude has a lot to do with how people see you, if you ther with ur head down etc.. people will look in life theres a huge game thats played by all humans with the eyes.. do any of you ever find your self stairing another person out so they wotn look? i do, people see your attitude before they see ur acne honest! so manny judgements are made before they see your acne, why are so manny people dipressed on here? it makes me want to die its not that bad get over your monkey that god gave you, tha
  2. what he is saying is right, and deep down you all no it! i meet new people everyday sometimes i have been self consous and not deard to look them in the eye other time i have been friendly and acted as tho i dident have huge fat burning red lumps of my face, and in my oppion if you take a "just get on with it" atttitude then at first people will stair and think all sorts of horible stuff some may even say something but after about 5 minets everything is normal.
  3. I think theres big difference between... a pubecesnt teenages that has a few spots AND a person suffering long term from the effects of acne dose anyone agreee?? well to start with TOOTHPAST would clear up the spots they have were as acne suffers need medical drugs. the spot itself is different, often bigger and harder (cryst) etc.. I note that a lot of people think "ACNE is ACNE" i couldent disagree more there is a totally obvious differents between someone that has spots and someone t
  4. I'v been reading some posts on here viewing some pictures talking to people only to find that a large majority of the people on here dont attually have ACNE in my oppion ACNE is the horrible desices that eats someones face destroying them leveing red marks scars and a ugly person behide, I hear of some people on here that complain they have acne when infact what they have is spot or maybe even 2 spots at worse they have 5 spots why is it then that they come on here, any skin care product will
  5. Hello to everyone, 10 questions are below, if you interested in reading my answers then please take the time to answer them yourself. 1) How bad would you rate you acne out of 10? : 8 2) How long have you sufferd with acne? : 2 Years 3) Are you takeing any medication? ( and what? ) : No 4) How old are you? : 16 5) Whats the worse thing someone has said about you acne and who said it? "Short your spots out!" - Stranger - 6) Do you have a Bf/Gf? : No 7) Do you want a Bf/Gf? : No 8) Apprx