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  1. Hey gang, I haven’t updated in a bit and I feel it’s overdue. DRUUUGGGS: I had a dermatologist visit a few weeks ago. My doctor said she definitely notices the change that spiro has had on my acne, but she still wants me to know that Accutane is her #1 recommendation. I told her I know, but I still don’t want it. Maybe I’m being stubborn, but I feel that I would rather live with acne then have potential long-lasting health issues from the side effects. Anywho, my blood
  2. Your skin is looking great! I love LUSH and I never even thought about using their products for helping tame my acne beast. Be sure to check back in and update us on how the products work!
  3. As evidenced in my last post, I’ve smeared a lot of crap on my face. But, what do I use now? And do I like it? CURRENT ROUTINE: AM: 1. I wake up, pissed off because I haven’t figured out a way to safely inject coffee into my blood stream. 2. Shuffle to bathroom. Shuffle to closet. Shuffle to dresser. Forget what I was doing. Groan. 3. Wash with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Okay, so let’s be honest. I bought the knockoff Wal-Mart Equate Skin C
  4. I think that's my next purchase or maybe mineral oil. I'm almost out of my more expensive essential oils so I need something that will get off the makeup and grime better.
  5. If you have chronic acne, you know that walking down the face care aisle can be a nightmare. There are only 12,000 choices when it comes to acne wash and so much conflicting information surrounding acne care and products. It can get really confusing and to be honest, I’m still not sure what’s “right” and “wrong” for my face. In high school, antibiotics did the trick, but I think they destroyed my stomach. In college, apparently lack of routine and living on pasta was working for a wh
  6. KayShoe


    This entry will be rather short, as it serves no importance other than to voice my frustrations. WHY...is popping acne so addictive? Do I really think that the 3,902th time I touch a pimple will be the time it pops and doesn't scar? WHY...don't I ever learn? I had a black spot on my chin that was bugging me. Been there for 3-4 weeks. Very clearly far under the skin and a closed comedone. Does that stop me from trying to get it out? Nope. Now I've scratched my skin to shreds and it looks 10x'
  7. MissSac, I've caught up on your blogs and I really just wanted to send you a cyber hug and say to hang in there. Go back to your derm and see if they think you are having an allergic reaction to your treatment. My bet is that you may have jumped too quickly into the retinoid and your skin is painfully dry. Do you moisturize well? What's your routine? Either way, don't let acne control your life! I can see that you have had some bad luck lately, and stress can certainly cause your face to rea
  8. Are you sure the marks are true scars and not post inflammatory hyper pigmentation? The main things that help with PIH that I've read are time (unfortunately) and making sure to wear sunscreen so the red marks don't get darker.
  9. Only one month in and your skin looks so much more even! We have nearly the same regimen--I just bought the CeraVe PM moisturizer so I'm hoping that will kill some of my redness. I'm going to add in sunscreen once I know my face is okay with the moisturizer change. Look forward to seeing your progress!
  10. Thank you so much! That's exciting to hear. I'm glad I'm not doomed to gain weight. I honestly don't think it will effect me much one way or the other.
  11. I was supposed to start taking spironolactone at the end of January per my dermatologist, but I had a cross-country road trip planned for that week. All I could imagine was having a negative reaction to medication and being trapped in Kansas with nothing in sight to help me except tumbleweeds. Seriously guys, there’s NOT A DAMN THING in Kansas. I had a follow-up visit scheduled with my dermatologist last week, but I pushed it back to May to give my spironolactone treatment more time
  12. I read billions upon billions of review on spiro. Okay, maybe I don’t have that much time in a day. Point is, I read to excess. I wanted to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s discuss some common side effects and my experience with them: Spiro tends to make you pee nonstop like a drunk college girl. I think this is mainly because spiro makes you thirsty and you need to/should drink more water than normal. My derma was smart and suggested I take it before bed. The
  13. I have been to countless dermatologists. I've tried the creams and pills (every-noin you can think of, another round of antibiotics, etc) and have tried nearly every natural remedy you’ve heard of: Apple cider vinegar? Yup! Smelled like a foot for months. Banana peels? You bet! I was sticky and craved a sundae. No makeup? Sure did and I wanted to cry every time I left the house. Around Thanksgiving this year, I began to break out in horrible cysts on my cheeks. This was an abnormally infl
  14. KayShoe


    Hi there. Fellow adult acne sufferer. I came across your blog and totally identify with everything you've said. In particular the comment about stress struck me. I'm a very stressed out and worrisome person and I DEFINATELY think stress plays into acne. I'm almost positive I just read something recently about stress hormones causing inflammatory acne. Keep your head up and try to think of acne as temporary. I know it's hard when it never ends, but I try to remind myself that worrying about it ma
  15. Today, my face looks like a pizza. Well, it always looks like a pizza but today there’s extra, extra pepperoni. My struggles with acne began in 2006. As a typical high school teenager, I wasn’t mindful of washing my face every day, eating healthy, or taking care of my skin. I cared about getting my license and who was on my AIM Buddy List. In fact, I only started to take notice of my skin once little red bumps started to appear on my forehead. In retrospect, these breakouts were harmless and