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  1. congradulations on ur success. i plan on having co2 done on myself. i hope it turns out as good as urs did.
  2. whats up brotha:)

  3. if you can find reasons to why having acne is great then acne has official fucked you up.
  4. whats the most painless way to kill yourself?
  5. we should be able to change it whenever we want
  6. how good is dr. tina alster. i wanna get fraxel and co2 ultrapulse lasers.
  7. Gender: Male Location: Northern Virginia Age:18 School/work: freshman in college Interesting fact: jerkoff daily
  8. i read that to prep your skin before co2 ultrapulse laser you should use retin-a and hydroquonin cream a few weeks before treatment. should you do that before you do fraxel?