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  1. Congratulations, user. I use a whole different protocol. Not to put your method down, but emu oil made me break out like nobody's business. I felt sick, literally, at the sight of it. It happened over night. Fortunately the spots faded in about three days. But it was a long three days. skin
  2. Castor oil does seem heavy in the bottle. But I think it's skin friendly. (the much-touted emu oil is poison to my skin!) Skin
  3. Castor oil does seem heavy in the bottle. But I think it's skin friendly. (the much-touted emu oil is poison to my skin!) Skin
  4. Castor oil does seem heavy in the bottle. But I think it's skin friendly. (the much-touted emu oil is poison to my skin!) Skin
  5. It might go down to digestion. People with acne sometimes hear that they have a lot of heat inside and this causes skin problems (the fire coming out). People who are fat may have such awful digestion that they don't even know they are full or anywhere near full, so they keep eating. This bad, almost non-existant digestion might mean this person is "cold" inside. So, no fire coming through the skin. Skin
  6. From time to time there is talk of diet here. Here is a really good cleanse I found at yahoo. http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/TheRo...saceaCure/files I've been doing it for four days and haven't used my o/c remedy. How's it working? "Baby's bottom" comes to mind. And not the rashy kind! YAY! (Sooper) Skin
  7. There are cleanses talked about on line that are very helpful. You just have to cut through the ones that are obviously sales pitches for pills. Check out the yahoo group "rosaceacure". There are a couple of interesting files. Don't worry that it says rosacea. It's for all facial skin, etc. distress. (You do have to buy a few things, but they are not in the hundreds of dollars.) Skin
  8. I took accutane and while it was drying, and, so, a pain, I can't say what my skin would have been like without it. Before you do it, you really might want to look into holistic remedies -- aggressive ones like a liver cleanse. You can supplement this with the BP program from acne.org. Skin
  9. I'd like to suggest organic maple syrup instead of the sugar. Also, give it an interesting kick with a pinch of cayenne pepper. Skin
  10. 1) Internal cleansing and Photofacial (or ClearLight) 2) BP/Sal. acid-based regimen (ala Dan's). I use Rodan & Fields' Calm. It's most gentle I've found. If you're a teen or so, you can still use the stronger stuff. Skin
  11. http://femail.netdoctor.co.uk/medicines/sh...ation.asp?id=16 Reason I'm contributing these is b/c I once found a FABULOUS cream in the UK, also, that whipped my acne in a week. It too disappeared. Can't remember the name. It came in a tube. The tube was inside a box. The box was white with blue aemeba looking graphics. Great stuff. Hope this was the old recipe for it! Good Luck! Skin
  12. ACNIDAZIL® cream COMPOSITION Miconazole nitrate 20 mg and benzoyl peroxide 50 mg per gram in a cream formulation. Skin
  13. George, Start here: http://www.holistic-online.com/Remedies/cf...fs_ayurveda.htm It's a page about CFS and ayurvedic medicine. Now's the time to be gentle to your body and rebuild. Skin
  14. See my post to Silent_Night, this section. In short, if the acne is inactive the spots do fade in time. I, too, am working on what makes this process hurry. Skin
  15. Red marks from non-active acne? They will fade in time, as long as the acne is inactive. However, Some people do try skin lightener (find in the drugstore) -- the kind that helps fade brown marks, such as those that arise from sun damage or birth control pills. I don't know if they work on red spots. That said: I have been invited for a complimentary facial with a sun-damage repair products, in a month. I'll report back about red spots! Watch this space! Skin