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  1. phunkn

    Me, and accutane

    ohh the journey
  2. Hey guys, is it okay if i use acv, baking soda or the egg white/lemon mask while im accutane?
  3. yeah thanx for the advice i guess ill try do that.. 4 more months to go.. still got active acne but its gone heaps better since i started soo im thankful for that.. but yeah thanx guys
  4. Yeah.. i dont think its right that shes making me miss 5 days of the stuff.. thats just SHIT! but do you guys know if u can change derms? And if u can.. how do u do that? Im fed up with my current derm.. she doesnt listen.. she doesnt ask.. she doesnt care.. my derm visits last no more than 2 mins.. i mean if she does this again for my next months Tablets what am i gona do? i wanna go tell the bitch off
  5. Whats your derm like? My dermatologist is a ignorant bitch that doesnt give a shit about her patients.. i recently went for another visit and i went from 40 mg to 60 this month.. and she asked me how many tabs do i have left and i said about 3 days .. soo 6 tabs.. soo she prescribes me my next months worth of the drug .. but she only gives me 20 days worth of 60 mg and im meant to see her in 4 weeks soo thats 28 days .. soo ill be 5 days off the drug.. and she goes to me dont worry about it itll
  6. beanie boy here.. but i wanna get a that last one too with the extra lil side thing but duno if i can pull it off.. should be able too
  7. Dove face moisturiser with spf 15+ for the face and neck, and cetaphil moisturising lotion for the body. The face moisturiser is good stuff.
  8. Im from Australia.. its free , i just pay for the derm visits
  9. no1 has been totally cured from acne from roaccutane?
  10. Update... Day 19 now.. Lips are definitely more dry.. and the face has become more dry.. its winter now as well .. soo i cant imagine whats going to happen to my lips and skin, i.b is pretty bad have 3-4 nodules/big pimples .. one of them is huge and pustfilled.. this may sound gross but i peeled some skin and the pust ran out now its scabbed up and its still quite large.. hmmz duno what to do to it.. might just leave it and see how things go or maybe try the hot/cold compress .. i doubt itll wo
  11. heyy thats heaps cool... how do you guys find out about this stuff anyways? Well im on my course atm and breaking out pretty badly..day 19 soo far.. hopefully things get better soon!
  12. hey my friend that use to be on roaccutane was also using clindamycin at the same time. Now he is clear and gave me the rest of his clindamycin lotion.. i was just wondering if this was a good idea?? Anybody have a clue at all?
  13. Im from Australia too, good to hear the great news buds. Just got on roacctuane 2 weeks ago, skins dryer now. Which is better than my normaly oily skin i guess, and i think ive already had an i.b hopefully it subsides soon. But im on quite a low dose for the first month, 20 mgs. What dose are you guys on for the first month? And my derm is a BITCH but she gave me roacctuane easy, but shes still a bitch that doesnt listen. Just yaps on and on ahah anyways gl to every1 on there course of accutane