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  1. Girl I had a few of those too! Super annoying I think it was the BHA I incorporated into my routine really helped! It was the Paula's choice BHA. c: not too expensive either!
  2. So the vitamins didn't work. Sadly. I think I'm just going to try a low dose of accutane.
  3. Yeah, I eat low glycemic and low sugar as much as I can, except when I go out on weekends lol. The majority is healthy food, and I agree it did help a little with acne and oil.
  4. Thanks! I ordered some d3 and I've been doing zinc for a while now and I just started taking vit A. But I'll look into the b5 as well. I did hear some things about hair loss on b5 though? Any experience with that?
  5. I have too. Do you use step 3 for the regimen? I am thinking of skipping out on it for right now. After I complete steps 1 and 2 my super oily skin is finally just "normal" oily...but after I apply step 3 it becomes super oily all over again. I'm not on the regimen right now, but I am thinking of buying their cleanser. I use liquid neutrogena, then Paula's choice BHA, then clindamyacin. Then at night I use the neutrogena soap again, and put retin a gel. I'm thinking of trying green tea topic
  6. I'm talking about like 70% or more of a decrease in oil. I don't think topicals will do the trick, and Accutane I've heard works very well, but i want to try other oral supplements or treatments before I resort to that. Any help please?
  7. Hello I was wondering if anyone who uses a matte primer for their oily skin could give me recommendation? High end would be preferred but if there's one from the drug store you like, I'd love to know about that as well! Thanks.