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  1. I do not do fat grafts or transfer since it may be very unpredictable- may last from a few months to several years. So the best would be that you ask your surgeon about her (his) experience. Best!
  2. Your acne is rather mild, so do not let it affect your self-confidence. Since acne is not just a skin deep problem here are 3 strategic steps in fighting acne: 1. improve mood (reduce stress by sleeping long enough, by sharing your journey so that you get support from others such as right now on the Acne.org, exercise, etc.) 2. improve nutrition (eat foods from farms, not from factories; eat foods that your great-grandmother would recognize as foods; eat sugary foods not more than once weekl
  3. Azithromycin is usually the antibiotic of choice for acne during the spring/summer since it does not make the skin prone to sunburns as doxycycline or tetracycline would. However, no one should be on oral antibiotic for acne for more than 3 -4 months. Best!
  4. No circular motions should be used with micro-needle stamping devices since you may do micro-tears of the skin, i.e. cause unnecessary damage to the skin. Best!
  5. Retinyl Palmitate (vitamin A derivative), and panthenol (soothing provitamin B5- it is used in Europe for diaper rash) Best!
  6. FYI one of the most common causes of acne on forehead are leave-on hairstyling products. You may still use them but make sure to wash them off your forehead after applying. Shower before sleep to wash them off your hair so that they don't get onto your pillowcase. Hope this helps and thank you for sharing your photo! Best!
  7. Looks like you have "box car" and some "ice pick" scars. The best would be to talk with your dermatologist and ask her about Fraxel laser, microneedling and TCA CROSS. Also check Dr. Davin Lim Youtube channel. Best!
  8. Per traditional dermatology teachings no efficacious acne spot treatment exists. This goes along with my experience. Best!
  9. Acne may increase in severity for the first 4-6 weeks of therapy with isotretinoin (Roaccutane, Claravis etc.), after which time there is usually relatively rapid improvement. Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) can cause depression, sometimes so severe that some people have taken their lives, therefore you should contact your doctor as soon as possible given that you were feeling quite down recently. Best!
  10. Check with yor doctor- it could be "drug" allergy rash to azithromycin (Z-pack). Best!
  11. The best would be that you see a dermatologist for prescription tretinoin cream, and/or: microneedling, Fraxel laser, dermabrasion or TCA peel. Best!
  12. Google Impetigo of Bockhart and see your doctor or dermatologist. Best!
  13. I have never heard of or found any publication about BP causing permanent damage to the skin. Best!
  14. Make sure you use loose mineral makeup, since pressed and pasty makeup can sometimes worsen acne. Whatever makeup you will use, please wear it for the shortest possible time, i.e. wash it off as soon it is socially acceptable for you to be without any makeup. Best!
  15. In socialism there wouldn't be any discussion about acne scars, let alone lasers, peels etc. Best! I also admire Dr. Davin Lim, he is a great role model. Best!