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  1. Hi Ravenblack, I check the boards every now and then. It seems there's more science and natural-health minded people these days, especially in the holistic forum, which hopefully is a sign of the times. No tricks... well maybe a few, we'll see, I'm always experimenting. Last night I made a mashed avocado facial mixed with some berry antioxidant extract. I've been upping the green leafy vegetables lately... I'm eating about half a head of romaine lettuce daily, and continuing with my raw diet
  2. http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/200612...slinkedtostress "A new study in mice shows that a stress-triggered hormone could worsen or even cause skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema. The scientists found that blocking the hormone called glucocorticoid—which increases in stressful times—resulted in better skin." "The outermost layer of your skin, the epidermis, is composed of dead skin cells, which form a permeability barrier to prevent water loss. Every day tens of thousands of these
  3. you can check pubmed.gov or sciencedirect.com for the latest research. just do a search for acne. ive read a published correspondence between researchers, and it was noted that acne research is not getting as much attention as it should be. surely diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease are receiving more funding and research. i think most acne researchers are still focusing on old-school treatments, as well as biological pathways and mechanisms of acne progression, which is fin
  4. sorry i dont have time to read this whole thread, but i just wanted to share some tips i have for green smoothies: pears work best for me... ive tried apples and the texture was too watery and way too sweet. use parsley.... parsley makes the taste of the green smoothie very nice, no matter what other greens you include. parsley is very pleasant on its own, and seems to over-power the not-so-pleasant taste of kale and dandelion greens, etc. my typical green smoothie: 2 medium-size pears larg
  5. Chlorella is a blue-green algae and is supposed to be the richest source of chlorophyll on earth. Chlorophyll has too many properties to mention but it's known as a detoxifier/blood purifier, and it binds various toxins as it passes through the body. When you mix a spoonful into a glass of water it presents a deep green color. Some brands taste better than others. The mountainroseherbs' chlorella usually has a somewhat sweet pleasant flavor (unfortunately they seem to be out of stock at the m
  6. - eat an all raw food diet: fresh raw fruits, veggies, raw milk (WholeFoods), nuts, seeds, sprouted buckwheat - drink chlorella powder/water mixture daily for several weeks - drink psyllium husks/water mixture daily for several weeks (you could even mix the chlorella with the psyllium - both are found at mountainroseherbs.com) - stop drinking coffee - perform aerobic exercise atleast 5 days/week - drink enough water so your urine remains clear - get fresh air and sunshine da
  7. toothpaste is a completely unnecessary product dont believe the hype just brush with water and floss every night
  8. Wild Planet Tuna is supposed to have really low levels of mercury. They use younger tuna, which havent had enough time to accumulate the mercury in their fatty tissue. I think we could all benefit by increasing our protein intake and reducing carbs (especially fructose). My concern would be the stability of the omega 3s in the canned tuna. I recently (today) started megadosing carlsons fish oil... 3 tablespoons a day... we'll see how it goes.
  9. yeah, that was a poorly written abstract... it was probably translated from japanese to english, but still... too bad i dont have access to the full text through my school. heres an interesting article:
  10. how did you determine that you have a "leaky gut"?
  11. these are dried herbs so i'll be preparing them as a decoction (boiled). my guess is it will be bitter, astringent, and sour (peony is supposed to be sour). but im actually excited to see what it tastes like. dosage will be about 3 or 4 cups a day, spread out evenly.
  12. oh, i forgot to mention, berberine (and other components of oregon grape root) also reduce keratinocyte hyperproliferation. in fact oregon grape root is being used to treat psoriasis, which is a skin disorder invloving hyper-proliferation of keratinocytes.
  13. ive taken a few genetics courses (im a C student studying molecular bilogy)... from what i understand, mutations can occur at any time, and are simply changes in the genome. you can inherit mutations from your great great great great great grandmother... you can inherit a mutation that just occured recently in your fathers germline (sperm cells)... also, somatic mutations are occuring right now in your body. point mutations occur when there is a change in a single nucleotide. for example an A
  14. BookOfDays, may i ask what are the ingredients and the name of the tea? im always experimenting and learning. btw, if i could source some certified organic red peony root, i would probably use that instead of the white peony. and i would like to use another herb thats been hard to find, possibly in place of the chamomile.