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  1. Congratulations Foomph!!! My sister got engaged recently and she was SO excited! When are you planning on having the wedding?
  2. If you're happy with the make of your current one, why not just go up a shade?
  3. Have you broken out at all since switching to the foundation? I'm in desperate need of a new foundation, I think mine is too pale and with summer coming up I tan really easily so I'll need one that's a little darker. I'm just too scared to experiment with different foundations in fear of breaking out!
  4. hm... drama queen much? i read the whole post before you deleted it.
  5. Sorry, I just realized how stupid my topic was and decided to delete it but I don't know how to completely delete it..does anyone know how?
  6. I tried this last night. I only have closed comedones and tiny whiteheads on my forehead, but they are rather stubborn espeically because I'm breaking out due to Differin and Clindagel..so I thought it was worth a try. Maybe it was just my imagination, but maybe this does really work because when I woke up there were less small bumps and the ones I had were hardly visible. I'd like to hear anyone else's experience! By the way..I was thinking, and this may sound absurd. But what if people put t
  7. Ah I'm so sorry to hear you're not doing well Mandy. I've had days when I just feel like crap, very unattractive and can't stand seeing anyone, even my family! I'm sure with time it'll pass, try to think about your positive personality and physical traits! And if you're going to be on Accutane soon I'd be extremely excited because your skin will be clear in no time! I'm here if you need anything else, hope all goes well. -Laura
  8. Hi everyone! It's been a few days over three weeks using Differin during the night and Clindagel during the day. My acne was very mild thanks to Dan Kern's Regimen but the random pimples I would get (especially during that time of the month) were really irritating me so I went to the dermatologist, who prescribed me those two topicals. Currently I have a few pimples that haven't come to a head yet on the front part of my cheeks, a bump on my chin which is probably a cyst (I never get cysts) and
  9. I saw it the other week and in many of the shots Shia LaBeouf's skin doesn't look perfect! He doesn't really have acne but there were a few whiteheads or closed comedones scattered throughout his face. I noticed the girl in it, I'm not sure of her name, also had a closed comedone. And, in my opinion, Shia LaBeouf isn't ugly and the girl in the movie is GORGEOUS so it just goes to show you that celebrities don't have perfect skin! Just Thought I'd Share, Laura
  10. I'm not really sure about Proactiv, as I've never used it before. I have heard a lot of complaints about it and how it only makes your skin worse, however I've also heard some people saying it works for them. I suppose it's like any other product, it works better for some than others? Anyway, for the two pustules you have you could try holding up an ice cube to them for a while a few times daily. This could help with any inflammation/swelling and redness. Just be careful: I find when I ice pimp
  11. Just curious as to how many of us on here are sexually active. Do you ever feel self conscious because of your acne and/or body acne in sexual situations? Does your acne prevent you from being sexually active? Sorry if this is a little risque, I just thought of it and was wondering how acne effected you in this aspect of life..
  12. I'm sorry you're going through such a hard time Shakirafan. You situation sounds so hard and complicated. I'm only a sophomore in high school, but I've been with dating my boyfriend since seventh grade, (not for the entire time, we've broken up two or three times) and we've definately had our ups and downs but when it comes down to it I know it'd be impossible not to be with him. I know that sounds cheesy, but I guess you just really have to think about what it would like to be without him and d
  13. Im so so. I think I might be anemic. Im very tired. A charge nurse at the nursing home I work in took my blood sugar and it was 73. Thats low. Im having problems with my mom to (talked about under my are you mess or nice and tidy thread). Other than that Im alright. How have you been Laura?

  14. Hey Molly! Nothing's really up, I just haven't had time to log on to Acne.org lately so I thought I'd check up and see how you're doing!

    How are you?