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  1. So about 3 weeks ago i decided to get the mario badescu drying mask and the healing and soothing mask. I seem to have seen little to no improvements on my skin? I am using the masks about 3 times a week, the soothing one on monday, drying wednesday and back to the soothing on saturday, as it instructs to alternate between the two. But yet I am still getting these big shiny pimples on my forehead and face. I am almost every night using the drying mask as a spot treatment overnight trying to r
  2. Is there anything wrong with using the drying one straight after the healing one on the same night? Just when Im short for time sometimes i cant use any
  3. Okay @The spotty princess Thanks for the info! Because I am using 2 face masks (as it says on the label to use the other on alternating days) and they both say 2-3 times a week, would I say, use the healing and soothing one on a monday, drying one on a wednesday, and back to the healing one on friday (but then im not meeting the use 2-3 times a week for both of them, if you get what im saying?) when should I be using them? Thanks once again! PS. I am only using the drying mask on my t-zone
  4. Hey guys, im an 18 year old male currently struggling with a bad t-zone right now. My forehead is the major problem here. I just bought the mario badescu drying mask and the mario badescu healing and soothing mask. I was wondering how I go about applying these two masks. I am currently using a tea tree regime which consists of a face wash,toner,lotion and the oil itself. I use these products every night. I also steam my face 2-3 times a week and use a exfoliant face wash on the nights
  5. Hi, im an 18 year old male, soon to be 19. I am currently struggling with not so much acne, but pimples and red marks/blemishes. It is highly unlikely for me to not wake up with a new pimple everyday, and im really tired of it haha as it makes me not want to go out anywhere or do anything with anyone. I have recently purchased a tea tree starter pack from thebodyshop as all my previous purchases seem to not have done much help for my skin. It contains the facial wash, the toner, a skin clear