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  1. Do u mean scars, right? Yep. Try whatever procedure u want, how many times u want and then wait at least 1 year or more. U will understand what I'm talking about. Permanent results are going to be max 30-40%, but if u want 60-90% u have to keep going with subcision and filler. It will became a nice routine at least once a year lol
  2. Yes of course! Btw after few months, or years, scars tend to reappear (less severe of course) even after 3, 4 or 5 subcision, no matter what. So If u want the best results u have to keep filling them. I ve different type of scars and I tried every treatment u mentioned, MANY times so I can relate on what marrakech says in this thread.
  3. Speaking objectively, subcision plus filler every 6/8 months is the only way to get rid of SCARS temporary right now, considering the FACTS in the LONG run rather than your personal feelings. I ve tried a LOT of treatments for a LOT of times too.
  4. Oh please....u're so annoying. Have u ever tried Co2? I tried it, it sucks. I tried almost every methods Lol u never tried sh** and chitchatting around forum just after reading some articles. You are very smart , so impressive. Oh grandmaster, please, show us the truth because we can't (obviously) read articles and we can't understand your wisdom
  5. Your best option is to wait 4-5 more years and try to improve your scars meanwhile. U can try minoxidil on cheeks for beard growth but is really bed for skin. Good luck!
  6. On Skinactives they sell EGF. U can purchase an HA serum and add the growth factor by yourself. Maybe on ebay u can find some pure EGF or FGF. Don't waste too much money with >100$ serums lol
  7. It depends. After almost 2 years I don't bleed anymore on cheeks even with max needle length (except the forehead) lol
  8. Don't expect miracles from growth factor. The only genuine serum without garbage ingredients and a decent price I come across is a galenic serum from Farmacia Parati, near where I live in Italy. They sell online but I don't know if worldwide or not. Inci: IGF1, alfa FGF, beta FGF, EGF, KGF, Copper Tri Peptide, KGF, Plancton Extract, Jaluronic Acid. 50ml: 40€
  9. In 3 months? 2 subcisions + HA filler, one at the start and one at the end. (If u want to have fun more than results add 2 derminator sessions and 3 light tca peel between them). Here your 3 months journey in my opinion. Good luck!
  10. What!? Tca 50% + 25% SA + derminator the next day? Wt*!? U obviously ve never tried tca 50% lol
  11. Io sto facendo sessioni di subcision più HA filler a Milano, quindi se sei di queste zone ho un consiglio molto prezioso Anche io ho provato il co2 con risultati pessimi. È meglio se ti radi prima di usare il derminator o altro dispositivo microneedling. Il TCA per il peeling lo puoi usare a qualsiasi percentuale basta che non superi il 20%, io sinceramente preferisco usarlo al 5-8% per peeling più frequenti. Ovviamente stiamo parlando principalmente di texture, mai un peeling risolverà le
  12. U want too much too soon. The best way is subcision plus HA temporary filler... and years. Good luck
  13. No, there is only one paper... is nothing. U have no idea how hard is the regeneration of hair follicles, unless they want to use FUE or FUT lol