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  1. Wow... you have pretty big huge eyes!!! :)

  2. Of course i remember you, your HOT and if memory serves me correct, you have/or had a thing for AZN boys like myself. Anyways, its good to see the old crew :)

  3. maybe if i get bored. i'm surprised people remember me, lol.

  4. Holy shit!!! your back, make yer self known in the lounge again.

  5. Now I have NO CLUE if I am posting this in the right forum, so you moderators should move this if necessary. But I am starting to notice some fine lines around my eyes, and frankly it's freaking me out! It means I'm aging, and I don't want to grow up! So I am looking for an AWESOME eye cream to use at night. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  6. tragic


    seems as though i can't stay clear for long. using dkr now. <3
  7. OMG Ive missed you! Hows teaching life treating you?

  8. hey. yeah. you know what? you're awesome. and that.. is all i have to say. :D

  9. oh yes. i am a kindergarten teacher. :) but that will change next year. i've been mia, sorry!