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  1. I dont know much about these treatments but I think your skin looks pretty good with mild scars. I will say that Im not a fan of anything that has RF attached to it. Seems risky and can cause long term damage to some. But thats just my thoughts.
  2. My scarring is very similar to yours. I am going down the laser road at some point. Going to do the Total FX laser and fingers crossed I might get some improvement with that. As far as your chin scars I have to wonder if that is actual scarring or not. May be filler might benefit that area but too me it doesnt seem like actual scars. I guess like dimples but on your chin..... if I making any sense....
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! Too be honest this has been a battle within myself for quite a long time. I go through waves of ups and downs about the condition of my skin. Of course family and friends tell me that its so mild that its nothing that should be bring me down as much as it sometimes does but I have neer seem anyone with skin like mine. and the reality is that its very difficult for me. AT points I get so sad that its just consumes the majority of my thoughts and I will start comparing
  4. Thank you! I have done some tca treatments but I thougt subcsion was more for rolling. Maybe Im wrong but dont I have boxscar and ice pick scars? Its hard to tell. Yes I imagine the laser should help with the wrinkles, hopefully.
  5. So my acne scars have always bothered me but now as I'm aging and wrinkles are forming and skin is starting to sag I am now considering the co2 laser. I have spoken with a Dr and got a price of 3500.00 . Here are some pics of my skin in different lightening. Do you think the co2 laser might be effective? I know Dr like to push it. do these scars look to deep for laser? my skin is really upset right now. I over did it with chemicals which is why it's really red.
  6. I dont know if lasers help but what I will say is that it looks like such a minor imperfection and 98% of the rest of your skin is flawless and with treatments comes the possibilty of negative outcomes so with that being said it would seem too risky for your minor imperfections in my opinion.
  7. Im so stoked for you!! I have an upcoming consult next week. Want to discuss my options first before going thru with any treatment.. Its hard for me to tell but do you have mostly rolling? What procedure do you think made the most improvement? Phenol or subcision?
  8. Im lucky because I live like 20 minutes away so I thought I should take this oppurtunity to see what he would suggest for me. Too be very honest with all of you I dont feel optimistic about treatments for scarring and I guess thats the pessimist in me but my scarring is bothering me so Id figure at least if I try it cant hurt and who knows maybe I will see some improvement. The only thing im hoping for is that he provides me treatment specialized for my needs and not the one all package deal.I w
  9. I have to say that I am a very lucky girl. I have great things in my life and feel blessed for them. My insecurity is my scarring and im not a vain person for the most part. I live a comfortable life, I dont hide out my house and I dont shy away from people but I do not like the conditon of my skin. Aging has also not helped. I have been on this site for a long time. There has also been years where I dont come visit here and dont think twice about them. Im just going through this time in
  10. I am so embarrassed to admit it. Its hard to speak about it with family/friends but I am really feeling down in the dumps. I should be used to my scarring and skin issues since I have been dealing with it for quite awhile now and since Im older than probably most here but lately its been hard for me to not obsess and be compulsive about taking pictures and agonizing over it. I plan on getting in to see my dr quickly as at this point I will probably need to go back on my meds since I am prone to
  11. Thank you Sirius Lee
  12. I am going in to have this done on 9/10. It seems like most people here would agree that it doesnt do much for scarring but does it help at all with skin texture, melasma, wrinkles, etc? Or is it just a waste of money?
  13. Thanks for the input. I knew it wasnt much for scarring but hoping if I keep up on it it will make my overall skin look better.
  14. I understand you didnt get real results with the microneedling for scarring but do you know if it improved skin quality at all?