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  1. I dont know if lasers help but what I will say is that it looks like such a minor imperfection and 98% of the rest of your skin is flawless and with treatments comes the possibilty of negative outcomes so with that being said it would seem too risky for your minor imperfections in my opinion.
  2. Im so stoked for you!! I have an upcoming consult next week. Want to discuss my options first before going thru with any treatment.. Its hard for me to tell but do you have mostly rolling? What procedure do you think made the most improvement? Phenol or subcision?
  3. Im lucky because I live like 20 minutes away so I thought I should take this oppurtunity to see what he would suggest for me. Too be very honest with all of you I dont feel optimistic about treatments for scarring and I guess thats the pessimist in me but my scarring is bothering me so Id figure at least if I try it cant hurt and who knows maybe I will see some improvement. The only thing im hoping for is that he provides me treatment specialized for my needs and not the one all package deal.I w
  4. I have to say that I am a very lucky girl. I have great things in my life and feel blessed for them. My insecurity is my scarring and im not a vain person for the most part. I live a comfortable life, I dont hide out my house and I dont shy away from people but I do not like the conditon of my skin. Aging has also not helped. I have been on this site for a long time. There has also been years where I dont come visit here and dont think twice about them. Im just going through this time in
  5. I am so embarrassed to admit it. Its hard to speak about it with family/friends but I am really feeling down in the dumps. I should be used to my scarring and skin issues since I have been dealing with it for quite awhile now and since Im older than probably most here but lately its been hard for me to not obsess and be compulsive about taking pictures and agonizing over it. I plan on getting in to see my dr quickly as at this point I will probably need to go back on my meds since I am prone to
  6. I am going in to have this done on 9/10. It seems like most people here would agree that it doesnt do much for scarring but does it help at all with skin texture, melasma, wrinkles, etc? Or is it just a waste of money?
  7. If you have been using Retin-a long-term can you please let me know what kind of improvements you have noticed in your skin! Thanks!
  8. Following...Please keep the updates coming!!
  9. I have now been on retin-a for about 2 months. Although I feel like my skin is reacting fine with it in photos my skin looks really dry. I use cerave moistruizer every night and sunblock everyday.Does any one have any recommendations that improve dry skin? As soon as the weather cools down, i will be taking the advice on starting with the tca peels. I am hoping for softer, clearer, plumper skin. This pic is how my skin looks in differnt lighting. My scarring is probably more noticable in t
  10. Thank you Sirius Lee! Do you think a strong tca peel like a 35% tca peel? Ive had peels like vi peels and they produced 0 results.iIhave suddenly developed these lines around my jaw line going up(maybe sleep wrinkles/sun damage) or maybe creases caused from acne/aging). I will look into a tca peel!
  11. I have been looking on Realself and Im thinking about making a consultation for laser. Maybe a deep one this time. I realize maybe laser wont help with the scarring/pores but maybe it might help with the rest of my skin issues. I dont know, Im so skeptical.
  12. Its been awhile since I last visited this site...I recently decided (bad idea) to take some pics of me just to compare my skin from a few years ago....it really seems like I have aged quite a bit in the last few years. I dont know what is up with my skin...im breaking out(stressed with new job I suppose) my when I look at these pictures my heart just sinks. With the pitting, LARGE pores, my face just looks like a mess. I have had some treatments in the past but Im thinking of trying something ne
  13. Hi Horus, I think we have similar skin issues. It looks like you have scarred pores/texture issues. I am having a series of Clear and Brilliant treatments primarly to help with my melasma but it would be a big bonus for me if it helps me with my texture as well!! I am back on Retin-a and that might help you as well after a long period of time as long as you commit to wearing a sunscreen everyday for the rest of your life. I really dont know what works as I haven't has much success myself but t
  14. Thank you!! I think enlarged scarred pores. Im hoping that the clear and Brilliant treatments help. I use retin-a, a physical sunscreen everyday, and generally try to take good care of my skin. What type of resurfacing would you recommend? I do have to be careful though as I do have Melasma that has spread over the years...
  15. It' been a long time since I obsessed with my skin troubles however, I decided to have a clear and brilliant t treatment because I have melasma and I am hoping that it will help with that. I also have very large pores and hoping it will help with that too! I decided to take some pics to track my progress and kinda freaked out...My pores seem bigger than ever and I feel like it brought out some of my scarring to look more noticeable. Hopefully after awhile my skin will adjust and calm.