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  1. CDR1990

    Day 1 of Month 2

    HI! So, my last dose for month 1 was April 1st. Today is my first dose of month 2. I have kept my skin regiment the same, it's very simple. My skin has been about the same with way less breakouts as the first few weeks...but I'm still breaking out I hope month 2 gives me less breakouts! My hair has no oil, which I'm loving right now!! skin is still oil free. No other side effects. Oh, and my blackheads are almost 100% gone until next time!
  2. CDR1990

    Week 3

    Hey Loves! okay, a lot has changed in a very short time, Week 2 was brutal, painful cyst, white heads and RED skin. This week my skin has calmed down a lot. My skin still has no oil and my breakouts are healing very nicely, I have about 3 active breakouts right now...better than 10. I'm mostly still breaking out with cyst but these are not very painful and I see my skin clearing up!!! :)))))) I hope my IB is DONE! I have been washing my face with the Aveeno Ultra- Calming Cleanser and I th
  3. CDR1990

    week 2

    Thank you! I'm staying positive hope we see results fast!!
  4. CDR1990

    week 2

    Hey everyone, I'm on my second week and going through a pretty bad (in my opinion) IB. Cysts are morphing together, it's painful. White heads are surfacing everyday, my skin is itchy and red. I feel like crap! I'm trying to stay positive and keep telling myself it'll all be worth it. I'm on 60mg a day as of right now, no side effects except for the breakouts and moderate dry skin, mostly where my breakouts are. My lips are dry but not cracking or peeling. My skin is usually VERY OILY, right n
  5. I'm on my second week and my skin has been GROSS! I've had so many whiteheads and cyst and ITS SOOOOO RED. I'm washing with Citaphil but think I need something to calm my skin, has anyone tried the aveeno ultra- calming products? THNX
  6. Thank you! how are your breakouts now? I'm excited for what's to come
  7. Thank you! how are your breakouts now? I'm excited for what's to come :)
  8. Okay, so.. I'm a little freaked out on how bad my skin is looking right now. This is day 14 of 60mg a day. I have a few white heads but mostly all are cystic and hurt or itch. I've been washing my face with Cetaphil and moisturizing with Lubriderm, that's it! no toner or anything else, which I'm not used to. My skin is usually super oily, like you can fry some stuff on it haha but right now it stays pretty decent all day, not super dry but not oily either, My chin is the driest spot on my face,