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  1. I have to agree with this. I find that girls are more forgiving with guys that have acne scarring, as compared to the other way round. Age plays a part too. The younger they are, the more superficial. So have heart!
  2. ahhh that's so true! i think the reason i was doing so good at the whole not picking at my face was because i was so busy and at night i just wanted to go to bed not sit in front of the mirror and pick at my pimples. but now come spring break and i destroyed my face again. the dim lights might solve the problem! i should try that : ) Yah the only time I really didn't touch my face was when I was on a one month backpacking trip through Asia and I stayed in hostels and lousy motels. The bathr
  3. Haha That's what happens when you have too much time on your hands. Instead of covering up the mirror, how about having really dim lights so you can't see what's going on on your face? That works for me.
  4. On top of your acne cream, using patting motions so as not to move the acne stuff around too much. That's what I do. HTH!
  5. You just have to stop picking at them. Even if you see pus, just leave them alone for maybe two days before you pick. This is to ensure that they fully "ripen". Maybe the scars will go away after one year, especially if they are really deep. This is from observing my friends with the pitted kind of scarring (mine is the red spot kind)
  6. I use manuka honey, which is said to have tremendous anti-bacterial properties. No harm trying, it definitely doesn't worsen acne.
  7. @ flyinsoup and anyone with "just oily skin (w/o acne, save for maybe the occassional pimple)", DO NOT TRY THIS! If you have generally clear skin, like I do, you do not want to take the risk of breaking out. I made the mistake of being dissatisfied and wanted perfect skin (ie no oil and no milia) and decided to try OCM. i used a blend of apricot oil and grapeseed oil from Silk Naturals. The first week was great. I could feel plugs coming out. Then about two weeks later I started breaking out
  8. Hello Jan Carlo and everyone else I don't think that your regimen is that out-of-the-world. I think it is also something that people in the Organic community believe i.e. washing your face with water sometimes and using a mild cleanser at other times. Here is my personal experience: I am 22 and like many of the posters here, have a family blessed with incredible skin. When I was young I used water to wash my face and never had a single break out. I attributed it to young genes. I only started