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  1. Pros: previous acne is disappearing and coming to a head. There is no new acne. Cons: I miss using products on my skin! I also can see a dull, grey cast on my skin and maybe a sun burn on my nos with a few whiteheads :( Way forward: wash face with baby soap tomorrow.
  2. Your skin is the largest organ of your body - leave it alone!

    Up until the age of 23 I had very clear skin with an occasional pimple just before my period. I used to wash my face twice a day and sometimes put moisturizer at night if my skin got too dry. Everyone complimented me on my skin. After I graduated and I started working, I started getting acne rapidly on one spot. I didn't do anything about it because I trusted my regimen and I hoped that it would go away naturally. But it still kept appearing in one spot and I started getting a bit more concerned
  3. Wow. My skin has improved a lot. Most of my whiteheads have gone. My previous acne is subsiding, and a lot of marks are fading. My oiliness is also balanced. I am happy!
  4. So I noticed that my skin looks a bit more smoother today. A lot of my previous acne seems to be coming to a head. I see less number of whiteheads but some whiteheads are still there (they were there before I started my regimen). No new whiteheads or pimples have appeared. Also, weirdly, my skin feels dry. This could also be because I used hot water to cleanse my skin and splashed my face multiple times with water during my shower. This shows that water itself is drying. Which means splashing my
  5. So I am on day 3 of just using water to wash my face. I have been washing my face twice daily: Once in the morning and once after work. I am contemplating not washing my face after work today, which means I would have only washed my face once today (that's if I resist the urge not to wash after work). Since I stopped putting anything on my skin apart from splashing water, these are the changes I have noticed: 1. My skin tone is evening out. 2. I got one pimple day before yesterday but I
  6. Use the right method

    I haven't really started using oil cleansing method religiously because I have a lot of acne (moderate acne) suddenly on the right side of my cheek and I don't want to irritate or spread it more. But from all the research I have done about acne and from everything that I know about it, here are my conclusions as to why OCM may not work for some people: Firstly, before you go ahead and slather anything on your skin, know that your skin is generally very delicate. 1. Most people back in the day