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  1. Thank you! I put on both BP/Clindamycin & Aloe Vera where the shot occurred and swelling has continued to subside and redness/darkness too. I'll go to sleep tonight without putting anything on it to see if the same holds true to me
  2. I just received a cortisone shot on a cyst on my cheek about 7 hours ago and I've had a bandaid on the spot since. I have since mixed reports online talking about whether I should apply any type of topical treatment or not (I have prescribed 5% Benozyl Peroxide with 1.2% Clindamycinal and other natural topical treatments like 100% Aloe Vera Juice & Organic Honey). So is it safe for me to apply a topical treatment where I received the cortisone shot on? I'd also assume I'd have to clean