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  1. Berries are particularly with respect for pesticide contamination. Did you try buying organic berries? Berries are a great food for acne due to their antioxidant content but it's important for you to eat organic berries. I would also recommend against eating ripe bananas. It's better for you to eat them slightly green. The sugar content increases very quickly once they are ripened. Also if the chocolate extra isn't a medical necessity I would suggest against drinking it. You could be sensiti
  2. So about 1.5 weeks ago I bought an ebook called "Annihilate Your Acne: The complete natural guide to consistently clear skin". It's $20 but it's one of the best $20 I've spent. Plus there's a money back guarantee if your acne doesn't clear up. So this book is absolutely amazing. I opened it and couldn't stop reading. It concentrates mostly on oil balances (omega 3 vs. 6) and antioxidants as well as pesticides. It goes through each food group and tells you what is appropriate for acne and
  3. Hello everyone~ I made this account just to share this and another post I'll be writing up soon. So I am allergic to wheat, soy, and peanuts and am also lactose intolerant. So basically it is inevitable that I accidentally eat something I can't. Well two days ago I ate 85% dark chocolate with soy lecithin and something else with soy oil. I heard soy lecithin is ok for people with soy allergies, but it turns out the minority actually can't eat the oil or lecithin (check it out if you have a so