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  1. Read this about taurine and accutane. https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/pdfs/US4545977.pdf
  2. Hey lamme and yetanotheraccutanevictim - Interesting that you saw positive effects from mussels. Look at the amount of taurine in mussels.
  3. I've had my bilirubin levels checked and they are fine. My Ast and Alt are also fine but that doesn't mean we don't have issues with our liver in my opinion. Also, i am taking coconut oil too.
  4. Look at Tom87 post back on page 377. He is taking 5000 mg of taurine and is 80% recovered.
  5. Looks like Joseph Buchignani took Tudca in 2012 and saw success before switching to UDCA. I'm currently taking Tudca, taurine, calcium d glucarate, MSM and a good b vitamin. We've seen other posts on her about people symptoms getting better with Taurine which is supposed to remove retinoids. Tudca has taurine attached.