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    well...lets see-im tom-boyish, crazy, love the outdoors, artsy, loud, opinionated and love to let people know who i am--i drink like a mik and dance like a latino-i kinda just worry bout the moment and let life go where it goes...its awesome...enjoy it!--i appreciate everything i have and consider myself very lucky-its little things that matter the most with me-i stand by those i love through anything and forgive but never forget-im easy going and easy to meet!

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  1. know what i use that never seems to bother me...?.....neutrogena...oil-free, non-comedgenic(wont clog pores), blemish treating (salicylic acid) concealer...comes in light, for pale skin...medium, for beige-tan tones, and dark, for deep tan and dark skin tones-they also make a foundation like that too..but it comes in a lot more shades!
  2. ok so im not sure what my derm put in my face when i had those...but she said it was a form of a steroid and it made it go away within 2 days! she had to spot inject it into each one but it didnt hurt..just a quick lil pinch-if u want me to find out what it was that she injected, lemme kno!
  3. wish i could help with the situation...but i live in floriDUH!...still better than PA tho...stop looking for girls and maybe one will just run into u
  4. o man this looks kewl, i wanna try it ut im kinda scared to-the last time i did something like this...my skin broke out a lil worse and i had a bunch of dead skin built up on my face that was flaking off...should that happen before it starts to get better?
  5. well lets see...i went to an esthetician b4 i went to a dermatologist...BIG mistake!...she just basically picked at the pimples on my face and scarred me...when, really, i just needed medication to work from the inside out-so if u have bad acne..dont let the esthetician pick at it!!!-o and i was really stupid and went tanning when i was on accutane...um i dont see any problems now, whew! but it has probably permanently damaged my skin-realizing my stupidity.... ive stopped laying out all the tim
  6. while i was on accutane my skin was great but i had side effects and dont really want to go on it again
  7. luvinspoonful


    acne sux!..its been close to a year since ive been off accutane,i try everything,and i still breakout..suggestions?