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  1. people have had success with dermarolling for minor black heads, obviously don't dermaroll an active cyst, but if it's like a hardened bump under the skin, dermarolling helps.... here's a quote from a pubmed journal: " Very good results have been obtained after microneedling of flourishing acne. Acne is triggered by androgens that stimulate increased proliferation of keratinocytes that block the ducts of sebaceous glands. After one or two treatments the hyper proliferation of keratinocytes may
  2. needledack

    Every Moisturizer Clogs my Pores

    la toleriane fluide la roche posay...it's a little pricey but it works...read people's personal testimonials on reddit.
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/Futurology/comments/6g8313/through_for_the_generation_of_fully_functional/ has anybody seen this? This isn't just some bullshit stem cell shit again, it looks like they've actually managed to create full thickness skin. Human trials are starting later this year and apparently this will hit the markets next year? Anybody who knows more about this could u help make sense of this?
  4. needledack

    Which type of scar is this?

  5. needledack

    Which type of scar is this?

  6. needledack

    Which type of scar is this?

  7. needledack

    Which type of scar is this?

  8. I usually put on sunscreen at the beginning of the day and don't reapply as I'm usually inside for most of the day. Put it on, if you're paranoid reapply after 2 hours, but if you're going out when the sun is setting, you should prob be fine with just one application. Like I said, if you're paranoid, reapply. If you get PIH despite all your efforts, it is what it is. We are all going to get wrinkly and fucked up eventually. Just enjoy life, if your friends are judging you for it, find some less
  9. ooooo shitt. hit em with it
  10. holy sweet jesus, ya it is a steroid so that makes sense. I will have to talk abut my derm about 5fu/cortisone. Have you considered PDL for discoloration? I read a pub med article on how pdl+TAC+5fu was really effective. Maybe you can benefit from this
  11. hi! how long have you had the scars? It looks like yours are pretty fresh and most likely will go away as your skin recovers over time. They don't look like keloids/thick hypetrophic scarring so I don't think you would qualify for steroid injections.
  12. needledack

    How to treat this scar?

    This is true. You could try dermarolling/microneedling or a little tca cross. But honestly dude you look fine, i wouldn't do something crazy
  13. needledack

    papular acne scars

  14. The flattened ones look pretty good, I hope mine can look like that after a few more shots. My derm is giving me only 5mg/ml though >.< which is hella low. Should I insist on a higher dosage?